Dec. 23, 2014 – Dec. 19, 2017
From June 14 through Sept. 17, 2015 Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio.

Saturn is often referred to as “The Lord of Karma” or “The Great Malefic” and sometimes “The Task Master,” all of which can provoke feelings of pessimism and negativity. Rarely are Saturn’s countless hidden gifts emphasized upon first contemplating this great planet’s Astrological significations.

Saturn is the planet that represents structure, social-political systems and authority, as well as the awareness of time and karma. He is the harbinger of the blatant recognition of a long standing way of life that is no longer serving us. With Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius we will find ourselves investing time to restructure the area of our lives reflected by the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius represents matters involving the ideals in our lives that create personal meaning and the understanding behind them. It is associated with the natural laws of living; education, philosophy, religion and publications; what we give intrinsic meaning to; individuation or expansion of consciousness; exploration and freedom; dogma, self-righteousness and belief systems; optimism and joy; initiations into esoteric wisdom, gurus and teachers. Saturn will bring awareness and a need for dynamic change—individually as well as collectively—to any or all of these Sagittarian qualities.

Saturn in Sagittarius will bring awareness of outmoded belief structures and encourage a commitment to finding the truth. We will find our personal and collective ideals change during this time. Many of these changes will come about in the realm of education, religion and political scandals. There will likely be archeological and space discoveries that will also challenge our past beliefs and simultaneously expand our consciousness.

You will feel inspired to seek experiential awareness, develop or expand your vocational skills and possibly seek a new life path. Additionally, the quest for purposeful and joyful meaning will be highlighted during this period. This is especially true for Sagittarians because Saturn will transit directly over your Sun. If you are between the ages of 28-30 or 56-59 you are experiencing or about to experience your Saturn return, a major maturation and turning point in one’s life.

Mindful awareness is required at the onset of a significant Saturn transit and we are encouraged to use integrity in all our dealings throughout its duration. The Saturnian journey often leads us into solemn periods of reflection where we may find ourselves feeling dejected, disillusioned and thwarted to move into the future we desire. Simultaneously, Saturn can promote new career heights, responsibilities and leadership recognition. If we consciously embrace Saturn’s wise teachings we can emerge with unexpected treasures and a more dynamic and productive life.

Saturnian transits and aspects bring us to a crossroads and provide opportunities to hasten our evolution. They usher in a profound time period, which if embraced, can ultimately bring great wisdom, a deeper meaning to life and awareness of self, maturation, humility and freedom by releasing that which no longer serves us.

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