An Astrological Look at 2016
and what it will mean
for you!

Date: January 7, 2016
Time: 7-8:30pm

Place: H
olistic Light House

I will be explaining the meaning behind the following 2016 Astrological cycles:

Saturn in Sagittarius: How is this planetary cycle bringing awareness to your outmoded beliefs and individual structures?
Saturn-Neptune Square: Discover how this aspect is uncovering what needs to be acknowledged?
Jupiter in Virgo & Libra: Explore how this expansive planet is helping you to gain greater insight into your philosophical beliefs regarding overall healthy function and balanced partnerships.
Mercury Retrograde Periods: Find out how and when to be prepared for the Cosmic Trickster.
Uranus-Eris Conjuntion in Aires: Learn what this newly discovered “dwarf planet” named after the Greek Goddess of Discord is up to as she makes a powerful aspect with the planet of Awakening — Uranus!
Mars jouneys through the sign of Sagittarius where it retrogrades and joins Saturn: Mars wants to take action and Saturn likes the status-quo! How can you find balance between these two seemingly opposites?
The 2016 Eclipses & Your Destiny: What do they mean for you?

Cost: $20.00

Register in advance or pay at the door.

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