March 1, 2018
4:51 p.m. pacific time
11°23′ Virgo

Hum … what exactly is a Crow Full Moon? It is the name that the Native Peoples gave to the last Full Moon prior to the spring equinox (March 20). It was heralded by the cawing of the crows, alerting them to the end of winter.

This years Crow Full Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo — emphasizing the purification and integration of body, mind and spirit. Virgo is the Earth sign that holds a special affinity for all things related to our planet and her depiction honors the sacredness of Earth’s bounty as she lifts the wheat staff in her hand. The word Virgo is Latin for virgin. Its true meaning is “whole and pure within oneself.” Therefore, whenever Virgo is highlighted, an increased motivation for improvement and refinement will occur.

“Harness your mind’s power and you can reach the mountaintop. Harness your hearts power and you can reach the stars. Harness your soul’s power and you can reach the edge of the universe.”  — Matshona Dhliwa

Full Moons occur when the Moon moves into an opposition to and reflects the light of the Sun — in this case, Pisces. When Virgo, and or Pisces, is highlighted in your horoscope or in the heavens as they are under this Full Moon, you will want to give special attention to the care of your body, thoughts and spiritual practice. If any one of these areas is ignored, a self-induced crisis might occur in order to get your attention.

Pisces envisions our dreams and desires into reality. With this potent Full Moon opposite Pisces you can intend to identify your imaginative dream-world and integrate it with the down-to-Earth reality of Virgo — unifying spirit and matter. Encourage your Piscean inspirations and dreams! Embrace the Virgo integration of your body, mind and spirit! Celebrate your contribution to the magnificent blossoming and awakening that is occurring during this time in your individual evolution.

Let this Full Moon inspire you to become more organized and meticulous with the details of your life. Use Virgo’s talent for analytical thinking and discrimination to generate new ventures that align with your desires. These qualities are especially helpful if you want to enhance or change your daily work routine. Pay attention to your personal nutritional requirements, thought processes and spiritual needs. If any one of these essential areas is out of balance in your life, now is the time to set goals for improvement.

Virgo Full Moon Key Words: Analyze, Discriminate, Daily Work, Diet, Purification, Health (intestines, nervous system, hands and feet), Mental Constructs, Spirituality

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