Equinox means balance between night and day (dark and light)!
Tuesday, March 20  –  9:15 a.m. PDT

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

The movement of the Sun into Aries marks the beginning of the seasonal and Astrological New Year.

Aries is the sign that represents initiations into brand new frontiers. This is the best time of year to set aside time to meditate on the intentions that you would like to create for the manifestation of new beginnings in your life.

Aries carries a powerful force so be careful what you wish for as you just might get it! Intentions set during this period can create real changes in your life as the Sun transitions to the Aries zero point – the potent and critical beginning degree of the Astrological zodiac.

Plant the seeds of your intentions and watch them sprout and grow during the next three months, and eventually bloom during the Summer Solstice. When the Fall Equinox occurs you will have a bountiful harvest and during the winter months you can assess the entire results.

Happy Spring Intention Setting!

Astrology Trivia: Did you know that Easter occurs the first Sunday following the Full Moon after the Spring Equinox? The next Full Moon occurs on Saturday March 31, and therefore, Easter occurs on April 1, this year.

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