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Posted by on Dec 23, 2019 in 2019, Current Astro News

Christmas Solar Eclipse

Christmas Solar Eclipse

9:12 p.m. PST
° Capricorn

The Winter Solstice initiated what is proving to be a powerful Astrological end to this decade and the Christmas Solar Eclipse is ushering in a much-anticipated and potent New Year.  What’s interesting about these two Astrological events is that they are both occurring in the sign of Capricorn. Several themes are at play here: indicating the need to let go, tear down, restructure, and rebuild; and facing your fears, taking responsibility, and embracing your true authenticity.

Under this Eclipse you’ll want to be cognizant of family, work, or other security and responsibility dynamics. Evaluate if you are in right relationship with yourself and others. You may feel the powerful buildup of paradoxical energies — similar to a volcano — that can allow you to release your emotional and financial insecurities, while simultaneously motivating you to root out self-defeating anxieties and irrational fears. In short, this Christmas Day Eclipse is asking each of us to search deeply and awaken to our personal and collective paradigm shifts.

Powerful psychic energies give birth to new information as the light of the luminaries darken during an Eclipse. Once an Eclipse is complete, you are presented with an opportunity for rebirth. An Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment with the nodal axis of the Moon. The nodal axis points define your own personal destiny. With this New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Capricorn, you are each being called to use the gifts of your destiny with integrity and wisdom.

The Sun symbolizes creativity, strength and outward expression. It is the energy that gives you the confidence to plan for your future. During a Solar Eclipse, you can find yourself searching for your inner light among the shadows and darkness created by the mind and ego. The discomfort of this situation is designed to quicken your evolutionary journey since, ideally, you will strive to eliminate the limitations that create suffering in your life.

The ancient sages felt that Eclipses were a time for meditation and learning; it is a special time to honor the spiritual aspects of your life. Try to keep your schedule light, remain internally focused, eat only pure foods, and do not consume alcohol. The veil between earth and the heavens is thinner during an Eclipse, allowing you to more easily connect to the eternal universal wisdom that is your divine essence.

The energies of an Eclipse can be felt a few days before and after they occur. They happen in pairs and the second — a Lunar Eclipse — will occur on January 10, 2020.

Copyright 2019 by Linda Kaye

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