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Posted by on Jun 22, 2021 in 2021, Current Astro News, News

Time-Space Reality & the Capricorn Super Full Moon

Time-Space Reality & the Capricorn Super Full Moon

Thursday, June 24, 2021
11:39 a.m. pacific time
3°27′ Capricorn

Realize deeply that the present moment
is all you ever have. —
Eckhart Tolle

A Super Full Moon occurs when the Moon has reached its closest approach to the Earth and its exact opposition to the Sun. Since a Super Full Moon is nearer to the Earth it can be felt more intensely than normal. Astrologically, the Moon represents our internal emotional nature and the Sun our external passion and direction. Because the Sun is traveling through the Moon’s sign — Cancer — we can anticipate this powerful Super Full Moon to illuminate any emotions that might be hindering our freedom and enthusiasm to pursue life.

Among other things, Capricorn is the sign associated with our perception of time–space reality. Impatience with the timing of and/or the maturation of our goals can keep us from enjoying the moment within time — the present. Most of us still view time from a Newtonian mindset, whereby we feel as if time has “control” over us. As we awaken to our creative power within the quantum realm we begin to realize that we are time itself. We start to recognize that we always have a choice to use time with decisive and meaningful purpose — or not!

Our creative capabilities are not imbued by past and future, but rather our ability to wholeheartedly devote ourselves to the present moment. Embracing “what is” reminds us that we are on a sacred evolutionary quest leading to the awareness of our divinity as eternal beings. So welcome each new moment and observe whether a higher order of time is rearranging itself in remarkable ways to reveal your destiny.  

Capricorn is also related to the significant themes of maturation, responsibility, authority, work-life balance, reflection, emotional repression, control dynamics, fear and pessimism. Therefore, this is an opportune Full Moon to contemplatively ask ourselves the following Capricorn related questions:

  • Am I consciously aware of time and the creative power within the now?
  • Can I embrace the maturation process with grace, and if not, why?
  • Do I take on too much responsibility or avoid responsibility all together?
  • Am I able to be my own authority or do I give my personal authority over to others? 
  • Do I have hobbies that I enjoy? Is family and my home life a part of my daily routine?
  • Am I able to reflect on my life or do I ignore and repress my emotions and the inner promptings of my psyche?
  • Do I trust in a divine plan or do I try to control my surroundings or even the behavior and lives of others?
  • Can I accept the impermanence of life or am I resistant to change, pessimistic, and fearful?

If you’ve noticed that you can relate to any of the above more challenging aspects of Capricorn, it may be that these behaviors are masking more deeply buried emotions. Ask that the root of any hidden patterns be illuminated. Once revealed, embark on a plan for healing and resolution — make a different choice in your “now” so you can live a more fulfilled authentic you!

Lastly, go outside under the Full Moon and infuse your being with its reflective light. This Full Moon is a beautiful time to step into the quantum field and own your creation of time. Chant, drum, dance, howl — whatever calls you! Create your intentions for emotional freedom and passion for all of life!  And, most importantly, base them on the eternal wellbeing for all sentient beings, including Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Capricorn Full Moon Themes:
time, work-life balance, emotional and physical security, maturation, self-responsibility, personal authority, letting go of control, trusting in the grace of divine timing

© 2021 by Linda Kaye