13°24 Libra
Wednesday, October 6, 2021
4:04 a.m. pacific time

Without balance in our lives, we become lopsided or incomplete.
— Angeles Arrien

This month’s New Moon is in close alignment with the two planets, Mars and Mercury, in the zodiac sign that represents the desire for harmonious partnerships — Libra.

Among many things, this is the astrological archetype that is associated with balance, specifically, the balance between giving and receiving. Because lunar cycles follow the evolution of the zodiac, each one offers us an opportunity to consciously embrace and infuse their innate wisdom into our lives. In so doing, we evolve and awaken to our true potential.

Because the Libra archetype is associated with codependency and the dynamic of giving more than receiving, this New Moon offers an opportunity to observe the areas of your life, especially relationships, where this behavior may be emphasized. When Libra is involved, sometimes the greatest gift we can give another person is to know when not to give, thereby allowing that individual to independently determine their own needs. Once you can personally maintain this equilibrium of giving and receiving in your life, you will find that any imbalances will automatically resolve themselves.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to be a Libra to be in need of learning the lesson of receiving. That’s because we all have Libra somewhere in our horoscope. Therefore, with Mercury currently retrograde in the sign of Libra (thru Oct. 18), we may find ourselves re-visiting our concept of right relationship. While simultaneously, the strong influence of the warrior-planet Mars can encourage cultivation of new ways of being in relationship.

Thus, this Libra New Moon is a great opportunity to:

1) reflect on your ideas (Mercury) of what right relationship (Libra) and receiving, in general, means for you.
2) do you feel worthy of receiving as much as you give?
3) plant new seeds of intentions during this super-charged (Mars) lunation so you can receive greater abundance in all areas of your life!

Lastly, Libra is associated with the kidneys and blood sugar balances, therefore, this will be a great time to commit to consuming less sugar and alcohol and finding healthy alternatives.

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