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Posted by on Apr 27, 2022 in 2022, Current Astro News

Liberating Change with the Taurus Solar Eclipse

Liberating Change with the Taurus Solar Eclipse

10°28′ Taurus
Saturday, April 30, 2022
1:28 pm pacific time
Visible from South America, Antarctica, and the Pacific/Southern Oceans

We are LOVE, we are from LOVE, and to LOVE we shall return. 
~ Nicolya Christi

April 30 marks the first eclipse of 2022, a partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses generally occur in pairs within two weeks of one another and each pair of eclipses typically take place twice a year. The second eclipse of this pair occurs on May 15 — a Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. The second pair of eclipses will occur in late October and early November. All four of this year’s eclipses will occur on the Taurus—Scorpio destiny points (the nodal-axis of the Moon).

The Astrological destiny points revolve around our horoscopes, supporting our soul’s intentions and evolutionary growth. Since all four eclipses during 2022 will activate the signs associated with our inner–self — Taurus and Scorpio — we can each expect to experience a series of powerful internal shifts. The planet, Uranus, is also closely aligned with this year’s eclipses, especially this and the final eclipse in November.

Uranus is liberating and futuristic. It infuses us with the brilliant light of liberating awareness that will expand our personal future and the future of our planet. Coined by Astrologers as, The Great Awakener, Uranus is the universal harbinger of unprecedented change. It is the planet associated with the brain and, specifically, lightning–speed realizations, stimulating us like a probe to WAKE UP and liberate ourselves from our outmoded past.

Since Taurus and Scorpio are considered fixed signs, we may feel scared, challenged, and/or insecure at the thought of any needed adjustments. Change rarely feels comfortable and sometimes it just seems easier to remain in our known, predictable, and outmoded structures. However, it is much easier for us to embrace change rather than having the cosmic forces help us along with a swift kick, if you will.

Pay close attention to the revelations occurring in your life during this powerful eclipse as they are intended to guide and move you into your future. Eclipses can blatantly reveal old patterns that are no longer in alignment with your deepest values (Taurus). If there is inner uncertainty, this eclipse will encourage you to seek clarity so you can empower yourself to transform it.

Taurus is the earth sign most closely attuned to Mother Earth — the giver and sustainer of all life. Therefore, this is a great eclipse to honor and begin a practice of gratitude for the cosmic and earthly abundance that gives and supports our lives in every moment. Following is a beautiful and simple gratitude quote from Joe Dispenza that deeply inspires me, “Love life and life will love you back.”

The planet of love, Venus, rules this Taurus Eclipse. When associated with Taurus, Venus asks us to cultivate a loving relationship with our inner–self. During this eclipse, Venus is traveling through the sign of Pisces, accompanied by both of Pisces’s ruling planets — Jupiter and Neptune. Among other things, Jupiter signifies expansion, philosophy, and beliefs and Neptune is associated with healing and the intended culmination of anything that is preventing us from aligning with our true nature — love.

Expect this Eclipse, and for that matter the entire year, to bring about inner revelations about how you love yourself and love others. Most importantly, if you currently believe that your security comes from external resources then now is an excellent time to contemplate and initiate new intentions for the following:

    • To appreciate beauty and the finer things in life without a desired need to possess or own.
    • To display self-worth that radiates inner security regardless of my financial status.
    • To honor and nurture my individual gifts and values.
    • To love myself unconditionally.

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