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Posted by on Jul 26, 2022 in 2022, Current Astro News, News

The Alchemical Power of Your Heart and the Leo New Moon

The Alchemical Power of Your Heart and the Leo New Moon

Thursday, July 28, 2022
10:54 a.m. Pacific Time
5°38′ Leo

You don’t have to rev up your creativity. It’s exactly the opposite.
It’s about dropping into your authenticity. To feel your own heart
of hearts and breathe life into your deep wisdom.
~ Dr. Sue Morter

As July culminates, the fireworks turn alchemical! That’s because this month’s fiery New Moon in Leo is activating powerful heart-centered shifts! Why? Because 1) astrologically, the heart is Leo’s domain and 2) there are potent aspects occurring alongside this lunation.

Action-oriented Mars and electrically charged Uranus are both aspecting ever-changing Mercury. These aspects are active for the next couple of days, during which, unforeseen and/or uncomfortable circumstances could present themselves. We may also find it challenging to stay focused.

If a tricky situation does arise, we can exercise a calm heart-centered approach with the intention of alchemically transmuting any disturbances into higher wisdom. However, beware … these are powerful aspects that have the potential to ignite impulsive reaction versus heartfelt responses. They also have the ability to inspire us to actualize our creative aspirations.

Fortuitously, both the Moon and Sun are making a benefic aspect with stationing Jupiter, who’s soon to turn retrograde (see note below).  Optimistic, wise and noble, philosophical, and adventurous — Jupiter symbolizes the quest for higher ideals. If Jupiter becomes arrogant, however, ideals morph into dogma. This retrograde cycle will encourage us to revisit these areas of our own life and make any necessary adjustments.

                                     It’s time to ignite an alchemical fire
                          within our hearts and activate our creative power!

In closing, because the heart is ruled by Leo, it is important during this New Moon to set intentions that breathe life into our heart’s desires. This is essential for all of us, but especially Leos, who can develop physical heart ailments when they do not follow their hearts. The essence of our creative light and the ability to love ourselves and others exists within the center of our heart.

Leo New Moon Key Words: I Am, creative actualization, passion, purpose, leadership, romance and love affairs, generous, playfulness and the inner child, heart consciousness, pride, self-love.

Meteor Showers: The Delta Aquariids are expected to peak around midnight on July 29 and will be especially visible on a clear night during this Dark New Moon phase. They’ll be showering us with their lightshow for a couple of weeks — enjoy!  

Jupiter is “stationed” or “standing still” from our perspective here on Earth and will turn retrograde (to move backwards) on July 29 thru November 23, 2022. Currently in Aries, the gas–giant will revisit the sign of Pisces on October 27 and will remain in Pisces thru December 20.

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