Thursday, August 11, 2022
6:36 pm pacific time
19°21′ Aquarius

The cure for all ills and wrongs, the sorrows and the
crimes of humanity,
all lie in the one word ‘love.’ It is the
divine vitality
that everywhere produces and restores life. 
― Lydia Maria Child

In the sign of Aquarius, this final Super Full Moon of 2022 (1) is emphasizing a conjunction with Saturn (also in Aquarius) and a stimulating aspect to the triple conjunction (2) that ushered in August. This celestial trio between the North Node (our destiny), Uranus (change), and Mars (initiation) is intended to shake things up personally and collectively! In doing so, it provides us the opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and ensure that we are staying the course of our soul’s intended destiny.

Aquarians are individualists — altruistic, eccentric, and freedom oriented. As an air sign, they are interested in ideas and thoughts (think “cosmic mind”) and are considered the brilliant innovators of the zodiac. Although Aquarius is an air sign, it was referred to by the early Greeks as The Water Bearer. This connection through the healing element of water symbolizes Aquarius’s cosmic ambrosia (amrita in Sanskrit), the drink of immortality and the divine substance that gives, nourishes, and restores life.

The Sun in Leo is also in aspect to the above mentioned “triple conjunction.” The Sun’s rays illuminate and inspire us to distinguish between the desires of our ego versus the desires of our heart (Leo). Among many qualities, Aquarius represents our hopes and wishes, and yearns for the manifestation of a better world. The sign of the courageous-regal lion, Leo, embodies leadership and passion — encouraging creative actualization in all its divine expressions. Both these signs are seeking higher forms of love.

Because this Super Full Moon is aligned with Saturn in Aquarius we are encouraged to seek Saturn’s highest expressions of ethics, integrity, morals, accountability, responsibility, justice, and the ongoing need to restructure and revitalize that which is obsolete. 

This lunation is a powerful catalyst for transformative growth: Employ Saturn’s determination to focus your mind; Uranus’s unexpected twist and turns to transform your life; the North Node and Mars to keep you on task so you can experience the adventure of your soul’s journey.

Go outside under the Full Moon’s illuminating rays and celebrate your individuality! Honor your unique gifts and set intentions for new experiences that bring awakening to more love and revitalization in your life.

Aquarius Full Moon Key Words: hopes, wishes, dreams, brilliant ideas, surprising and inspiring new opportunities, futuristic revitalization, responsibility, right action, diligence, justice, leadership, co-creation, courage

Important Dates
On August 17–18, the Moon will be moving through the sign of Taurus and joining the “triple conjunction.” Pay special attention to what is happening in your personal sphere and the world at large during these two days.  

1.  A Super Full Moon is described by Astronomers as a Perigee Moon — the point where its elliptical orbit is closest to the Earth’s surface, which causes the Moon to appear approximately 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal.
2. A triple conjunction between the North Node, Uranus, and Mars occurred at 18° Taurus on July 31 – August 2, 2022. They will remain within a 10° orb until Mars moves into Gemini on August 20.

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