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Posted by on Feb 18, 2023 in 2023, Current Astro News, News

Into the Mystic with the Pisces New Moon

Into the Mystic with the Pisces New Moon

Sunday, February 19
11:04 p.m. pacific time
1°21′ Pisces

Stop acting so small.
You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
―  Rumi, Sufi mystic

New Moons represent a time of new beginnings and rebirth. They are excellent opportunities to set intentions for new life directions or simply to start new projects. This is the best time of the month to plant positive thoughts in the subconscious mind with affirmations, auspicious chants, and visualizations. Inspiration, hope, and support all flourish for those seeking spiritual, emotional, or mental liberation of any kind.

Under this New Moon you can anticipate spiritual insight that is intended to feed your soul and not your ego. Pisces is the mystical sign that is associated with the eternal cosmic union that is our ultimate destiny. Pisces naturally gravitates to, and feels most comfortable in, “cosmic” versus “linear” time. It prefers to exist (and often gets lost) in the moment. This can be frustrating when we fail to understand the real soul desires and intentions of Pisces.

This final sign of the zodiac represents the culmination of all separating desires emanating from the soul. Once earthly longings dissolve, the soul is liberated and free to return to pure source energy. During this process, however, it is common to experience periods of disillusionment and loss of meaning. These moments intend to awaken us to the deep knowing that true and long-lasting meaning only occurs when we are connected to the divine.

This year’s New Moon in Pisces is closely aligned with Saturn, the planet that represents the very antithesis of Pisces. Pisces naturally ebbs and flows and abhors boundaries. It dreams of creating an ideal world, one where all are connected and committed to the welfare of the whole. Saturn seeks to solidify with authoritative boundaries — structure, control, rules, and laws. His most crucial role is that of the responsible, mature, and moral individual or government who consistently assesses standing constructs with an intent to revitalize and reform for wholistic function.

When outmoded structures are maintained with agendas that control and restrict, the whole becomes corrupt. Therefore, with this New Moon–Saturn combination we’re each given an opportunity to evaluate our ideals and dreams to ensure we are in alignment with and for the good of the whole. On a personal level, is there an area in your own life that needs self-governance and restructuring for better function? If yes, this New Moon is the time to set intentions to do just that.  

In closing, Pisces represents the dreamtime. Pay close attention to your dreams and any messages you may receive over the next couple of days as the veil is thinner during a Pisces lunation.

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