About Destiny Reports

 Astrological Destiny & Relocation Reports

The various Destiny Reports below are generated using an ancient and highly revered mystical science that originated before the days of early Egypt. These reports can provide you with practical insight about the experiences you are having or can expect to have, as well as your compatibility with various people and places in your life. Some reports can help you understand how easy or challenging it might be to have a successful relationship with a specific person in a particular context (e.g., love, family, business) and how to navigate the challenges. Others cover what you can anticipate in the year following your birthday, or what it might be like for you to live in a particular location.

Except for the Relocation reports, the reports use playing cards to represent core character traits and specific scenarios, based on Astrological calculations taken from each person’s birthday and current age. The meaning of each card and the connections between individuals and their cards are described in a clear and organized manner.

These reports are great for personal use and they make unique gifts. Their accuracy will amaze all who read them!

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Reports will be emailed directly to you within 24-48 hours.

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