The Sun–Moon Lunation Cycle

The Sun–Moon Lunation Cycle

      Both the Sun and the Moon infuse our day-to-day world with potent energies. If you follow the ongoing trajectory of these two planets, you already know this.(1) However, for some of us (myself included), it often helps to have a consistent astrological reminder for the occurrence of New and Full Moon lunations — what their symbolic astrological significations are — and how we can consciously apply this language to our individual and collective lives.(2) 

     Although every lunation is symbolically powerful, eclipses are especially so! In the mundane astrological world of countries, politics, etc., these super–intense eclipse lunations can be disruptive to stock markets, political agendas, and cause unexpected earth events.

     Individually, if we follow the celestial dance between the Sun and Moon, we can know when and how to intentionally embark on important creative prospects and align with our soul’s evolutionary intent —  our destiny.

Following is a brief description of all eight (waxing and waning) lunar phases. Please note that each one of these phases also relate to the lunar cycle that you were born under:

  • New Moon: This is the first phase of the lunar cycle and is generally an auspicious time to begin something new. Imbue your psyche with positive ideas, begin new projects, start new relationships, initiate new ways to be free and independent.
  • Waxing Crescent: During this period, you will want to continue to integrate the New Moon energies into your life. Give all your attention to nurturing the dreams that you began under the New Moon phase.
  • First Quarter: The focus now is for self-renewal, self-love, and self-confidence. Attend to your own needs and practice self-care.
  • Waxing Gibbous: A great time to continue with your creative ideas and initiate new artistic interests. Focus on being true to yourself. Relish in your unique authentic expression.
  • Full Moon: Refine your hopes, wishes, dreams, and desires. Focus on attracting love, friendship, and prosperity. Practice gratitude for all you currently have and celebrate your life.
  • Waning Gibbous: Use this time to attune to the needs of others. Altruism and philanthropic endeavors flourish now.
  • Last Quarter: Place your attention on your inner world: go within, meditate, journal, pay attention to your dreams — tap into your inner power!
  • Waning Crescent: Hidden secrets and knowledge are revealed. Past life memories and prophetic visions can arise.

1. Here is a website that tracks the phases of the Moon for your location.
2. For a reminder of the important monthly lunations you can sign up for my newsletter here.

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The Saturn–Pluto Conjunction: Restructure & Transform!

The Saturn–Pluto Conjunction: Restructure & Transform!

The Birthing of a New Cycle
January 12, 2020
22°46′ Capricorn

The impending rendezvous between the two game-changing planets, Saturn and Pluto, has intensified over the past two years. It’s important to note that the last time Saturn met up with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn was over 500 years ago. During that crucial period, humanity underwent great change. There was religious upheaval, groundbreaking scientific findings, and the discovery of new astronomical bodies. As we embark on the current Saturn–Pluto cycle, we are witnessing the birthing of a new era of evolution on our planet, during which, humanity stands at the precipice of catastrophic global challenges. Are we ready? Many life-changing and life-saving discoveries are occurring daily — will they be enough?

The planet Saturn represents structure in all its forms, particularly in relationship to social political and religious establishments. When Saturn is operating from a state of balance, we govern from a fair, responsible, and ethical place. We are accountable for our actions and seek to learn from our past. We recognize that all of Earth’s life forms are intricately connected and that one cannot thrive without the other. We maintain a dignified respect and reverence for differences and seek to build supportive structures and alliances, which are open to periodic change when it’s necessary for the growth, welfare, and evolution of all.

When Saturn is out-of-balance it becomes controlling. Control is essentially based on intense fear (a Saturn word!) of losing control. If this occurs, life and societies can become stagnated and crystallized. Those who govern will seek to control, usurping life from others so they can remain in power. They don’t take responsibility for their actions and prey on others’ weaknesses.

Saturn is associated with restructuring that which no longer serves the greater whole. This need will occur in our personal as well as our collective lives. If an area of our life, has outgrown its purpose and is no longer fulfilling our higher wellbeing, it is time to embrace change so something better can replace it. Letting go and accepting change is applicable not only to our personal lives, but also the social-political spheres.

Pluto is the planet that is associated with power and transformation. When we feel disempowered, the process of becoming empowered is amazingly transformative, for us personally, as well as others. When Pluto acts from a place of balance it can transmute energy into something that supports strength and holistic wellbeing. Therefore, Pluto can be likened to the practice of shamanism: The ability to transverse the underworld and face the demons and shadows wreaking havoc, so we can bring harmony to the dark-and-light aspects of our inner-and-outer worlds. When Pluto is involved, it’s imperative that we face our innermost demons so we can transform. Otherwise, and often without our cooperation, a cataclysmic episode may occur in order to bring about any intended and necessary change.

With Saturn’s approaching conjunction to Pluto, we are realizing what needs to change in our personal lives and even in governments, both at home and abroad. Despite an unknown future, we are being called to act responsibly and to commit to personal empowerment and transformation — to remain hopeful instead of fearful.

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Christmas Solar Eclipse

Christmas Solar Eclipse

9:12 p.m. PST
° Capricorn

The Winter Solstice initiated what is proving to be a powerful Astrological end to this decade and the Christmas Solar Eclipse is ushering in a much-anticipated and potent New Year.  What’s interesting about these two Astrological events is that they are both occurring in the sign of Capricorn. Several themes are at play here: indicating the need to let go, tear down, restructure, and rebuild; and facing your fears, taking responsibility, and embracing your true authenticity.

Under this Eclipse you’ll want to be cognizant of family, work, or other security and responsibility dynamics. Evaluate if you are in right relationship with yourself and others. You may feel the powerful buildup of paradoxical energies — similar to a volcano — that can allow you to release your emotional and financial insecurities, while simultaneously motivating you to root out self-defeating anxieties and irrational fears. In short, this Christmas Day Eclipse is asking each of us to search deeply and awaken to our personal and collective paradigm shifts.

Powerful psychic energies give birth to new information as the light of the luminaries darken during an Eclipse. Once an Eclipse is complete, you are presented with an opportunity for rebirth. An Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment with the nodal axis of the Moon. The nodal axis points define your own personal destiny. With this New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Capricorn, you are each being called to use the gifts of your destiny with integrity and wisdom.

The Sun symbolizes creativity, strength and outward expression. It is the energy that gives you the confidence to plan for your future. During a Solar Eclipse, you can find yourself searching for your inner light among the shadows and darkness created by the mind and ego. The discomfort of this situation is designed to quicken your evolutionary journey since, ideally, you will strive to eliminate the limitations that create suffering in your life.

The ancient sages felt that Eclipses were a time for meditation and learning; it is a special time to honor the spiritual aspects of your life. Try to keep your schedule light, remain internally focused, eat only pure foods, and do not consume alcohol. The veil between earth and the heavens is thinner during an Eclipse, allowing you to more easily connect to the eternal universal wisdom that is your divine essence.

The energies of an Eclipse can be felt a few days before and after they occur. They happen in pairs and the second — a Lunar Eclipse — will occur on January 10, 2020.

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Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini

19°51′ Gemini
Wednesday, December 11, 9:12 p.m. PT

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.  ~ Buddha

The study of Astrology and the planetary cycles offers an amazing opportunity to understand the evolutionary and spiritual purpose of each zodiac sign. This understanding provides a capacity to see beyond the veil and to release judgments, opinions, and criticisms of others. When we truly understand that everyone around us is on a unique individual evolutionary journey and we focus on our own individual spiritual path, we become liberated.

The last Full Moon of this decade is in the communicative and versatile sign of duality — Gemini. Gemini is driven to discovery through curiosity and enjoys gathering and dispersing information. However, if it takes in too much information, too quickly, it can experience mental fluctuations and unrest. Gemini is flexible, playful, and ever youthful.

A Full Moon always occurs when it opposes the path of the Sun on the zodiac ecliptic. This month’s Full Moon occurs with the Sun in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the Astrological sign associated with the quest that takes us in search of our individual cosmic truth. This pair is emphasizing the need to see our true nature and to eliminate any limiting thought patterns (Gemini) and outmoded belief systems (Sagittarius) that are keeping us from the purest essence of our authentic self.

Mercury, the “Messenger of the Gods” is the ruling planet of Gemini, and it’s also moving though the sign of Sagittarius during this Full Moon. Gemini and Mercury are both associated with our thinking and communicative processes. Experts have proven that our thoughts can create positive or negative effects within our lives, the lives of others, and nature. Therefore, this thought-provoking Full Moon in Gemini, with its emphasis on Sagittarian — truth vs. belief — is an excellent time for each of us to contemplate the following:

   What are my individual beliefs at this moment in time?
   What stories and thoughts am I currently creating about my reality?
   Are my beliefs and thoughts reflecting my individual desires and
   destiny — my personal truth?
   If not, what is needed for me to allow a change of those thoughts and

There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace?  ~ Peace Pilgrim

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Super Potent Winter Solstice

Super Potent Winter Solstice

The Sun Ingresses into Capricorn on Dec. 21, 2019 at 8:20 p.m. (pacific time).

The term solstice is derived from the two Latin words sol and sistere, which mean “Sun standing still.” The winter solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere when the axial tilt of the Earth is farthest away from the Sun. It is at this point that the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn and marks the shortest day of the year before it starts its journey back North again, whereby the days will slowly increase in length — signaling the summer solstice — the longest day of the year. 

This year’s winter solstice on December 21 is kicking off a plethora of important Capricorn happenings: A Solar Eclipse highlights Christmas day at 4° Capricorn, Mercury joins the Capricorn party on December 28,  and the long-awaited Saturn–Pluto conjunction will occur at 23° Capricorn on January 12. There will be up to six planetary bodies, along with the South Node, in the sign of Capricorn during the upcoming days and weeks. All combined, that’s a lot of super potent Capricorn energy!

Capricorn is the sign of winter, decay and death and is therefore, associated with time — maturation, aging and mortality. Along with Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is one of the three zodiac earth signs which connect us to the cycles of our natural world. The sign Capricorn and the winter season is an optimal period to go within and spend time reflecting. In so doing, we may notice areas in our personal life where we need to be more cautious, reliable and/or disciplined — Capricorn!

The internal process of reflection provides us the ability to look backwards with the intention of integrating all that has occurred. Undergoing this process can create an awareness of what needs to be changed in order for us to grow and evolve. If we embrace this period and take responsibility for our choices, while honoring each step along the way, we will access Capricorn’s highest wisdom — the perfection of the journey.

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2020 Eclipses

2020 Eclipses

Dates & Times

LUNAR  – Jan 10, 2020 (Fri)
20° Cancer – 11:21 a.m.
LUNAR – Jun 5, 2020 (Fri)
15° Sagittarius – 11:12 a.m.

SOLAR – Jun 20, 2020 (Sat)
0° Cancer – 10:41 p.m.

 LUNAR – Jul 4, 2020 (Sat)
13° Capricorn – 8:44 p.m.
LUNAR – Nov 30, 2020 (Mon)
8° Gemini – 1:29 a.m.

TOTAL SOLAR Dec 14, 2020 (Mon)
23° Sagittarius – 8:16 a.m.
Note: Above times are based on pacific time.


2020 marks the rare occurrence of six Eclipses in one year: four lunar and three solar. These six eclipses, along with several other important astrological events, are portending great change for the year ahead. This is destined to be a time of great import, with major shifts occurring on both the individual as well as the collective level.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon travels between the Sun and the Earth and Lunar Eclipses occur when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. Lunar Eclipses occur during a Full Moon about two weeks before or after a Solar Eclipse (New Moon).

Eclipses are potent celestial events because they imbue our psyches with the essence and spirit of “a great mystery.” Humankind has long been captivated by Eclipses and their cosmic potential of revelatory happenings. Eclipses provide us with an opportunity to uncover areas of our life that were previously hidden and need our attention.

During an Eclipse the Sun and the Moon align with the nodes of the Moon, which astrologers often characterize as “Points of Destiny,” and therefore correlating the nodes with both our individual and collective growth. Solar Eclipses, in particular, provide opportunities for transformation — the ending of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. At an Eclipse, you can initiate a profound period of regeneration by aligning with your destiny and embracing any necessary changes that arise.

The darkening that occurs during an Eclipse has symbolically and historically been linked to the unveiling of something deeply hidden, an ominous secret, or the potential revelation of a great mystery

Because Eclipses can be harbingers of great transformation and change they often coincide with unexpected earth events, stock market fluctuations, and political upheavals. On a personal note, emotions can become intense if they’ve been denied or repressed. New and important experiences or people can suddenly come into your life, and simultaneously, others may be removed. In general, changes are prevalent during Eclipses, so try to remain flexible and try not to judge anything that occurs as good or bad.

The ancient sages felt that the days just before and after Eclipses were a time for meditation and learning; a special time to honor the spiritual aspects of your life. Try to keep your schedule light, remain internally focused, eat only pure foods, and do not consume alcohol. The veil between Earth and the heavens is thinner during an Eclipse, allowing you to more easily connect to the eternal universal wisdom that is your divine essence.

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