A lifelong interest in astrology led me to Linda, and I’m so happy it did! I’ve looked at my own chart countless times, picking it apart and attempting to put the puzzle pieces together but was never fully able to see a clear picture. She loves what she does and it shows. I left our session feeling crystal clear about my goals and hopes for the future. I also feel as if I know myself a little better now, or at least see myself in a different light. She is worth every single penny.”

Baltimore, MD

“Thank you so much Linda for your guidance today especially during this pandemic. Everything you saw in my birth chart was accurate of what I was going through.

“Linda gave me clear guidance on what my life journey was about, what I have to do, and how to overcome challenges that I’m facing. Mostly importantly, she explained WHY one’s life path is the way it is. This brought a lot of closure for me because when you understand the WHY part, why repeating patterns, why the bad relationships, why does this keep happening to me?, it’s like a light bulb moment. Each person’s astrological chart is unique like a fingerprint that tells its own story. I scheduled with Linda because I wanted to have confirmation that I am on the right path to where I’m suppose to be heading.  I highly recommend her and will be returning for future guidance. Thank you.”

Sacramento, CA

“Linda was highly recommended to me by several friends. She is the first and only astrologer that I have worked with and I am planning on scheduling another session soon! I have referred numerous friends and family to Linda and have received extremely positive feedback.

“I went to Linda during a time of uncertainty in my life hoping for some insight, clarity, and direction. Linda welcomed me into a safe and caring environment where we explored the many aspects of what makes me, me. I learned so much about myself and felt a sense of calm confidence and acceptance that I had been missing, which helped me move forward in a new direction. Linda also provided an MP3 after the session, which was definitely needed because there was so much detailed information given that I had to go back and listen to the recording several times!”

Oakland, CA

“Linda’s astrological accuracy is exceptional. I’ve had various types of readings from others…astrological, psychic, spiritual and palm readings. Linda was by far the most helpful and accurate of all.”

Sacramento, CA

“I was referred to Linda from a friend who is passionate about astrology and she recommended Linda without a hesitation. And I am so glad she did!!!

“Our session was fascinating. Learning a bit about the philosophy of Astrology and the belief systems was very interesting and helped me put some of the things we discussed into perspective.

“I found that Linda’s approach to Astrology and her way of explaining it really made me feel a sense of relief and surrender to the universe and the lessons I am here to learn. I felt like Linda was able to put long standing issues at ease, ensure I’m open to the possibilities that are coming in the future and gave me some focus as to where life is headed. It was an amazing experience to have my Astrology Chart created, read and interpreted by Linda.”

Grayslake, IL

“I discovered Linda Kaye through a recommendation from a friend.  Being curious, but also holding some degree of healthy questioning, I attended my first reading listening in earnest to what insights she might provide…  given the only information she had about me was my birth date, birth time and the location of my birth.  For three fourths of the reading, I remained silent – being privately BLOWN AWAY by the things she was saying to me…  Without my saying a word, she seemed to know specific details about my family context and history, my attitudes and even special talents I hold.  She provided such a nuanced and sensitive reading – it was (and remains) very clear to me that Linda Kaye puts a tremendous amount of effort into her consultations and providing her clients with spiritual guidance.  Now, I treat myself to seeing her annually.  It’s something that I look forward to each year!  I appreciate her presence in my life so very much.”

Hayward, CA

“Linda delivered a spot-on reading and made me feel very comfortable. Her information is in-depth, and she checks in with the client as she goes through the session. I really enjoyed meeting her and I loved the consultation. She was well-worth the time and investment and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to a friend!”

Sacramento, CA

“I have known Linda Kaye for approximately 15 years, and in that time I have been a steady customer. I have received many readings over the years and she has presented me with guidance  that has helped me make major and minor decisions in my life.  She is an accomplished astrologer and has accurately described the aspects moving through my chart which has helped me to manage change. Linda has not only guided me through troubled waters but also continues to remind me to celebrate my accomplishments.  Her readings have provided me a path to follow, and a way to mitigate problems and move forward in a way I never would have without her expertise.   Her depth of knowledge and her ability to translate the complexities of astrology to the lay person is unmatched.  I heartily recommend Linda and feel privileged to call her my friend.”

Sacramento, CA

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Linda on two different occasions over the past several months. I initially went to see her as a result of a big life transition, seeking out to learn more about myself and perhaps gain some insight on the experiences that I’ve had and where I might be headed. Linda was very easy to talk to and comforting. Her knowledge and intuition are amazing, and I learned so much about my astrological reading in the initial consultation. I decided to visit her again recently because I knew she would be able to help me, and I plan on staying in touch with her for many years to come.”

Venice, CA

“My dear Linda, Sometimes our paths cross with people we immediately feel a deep connection with. Thank you for being one of those special people touching my life at this time. It was such a joy meeting with you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful light and inner wisdom in reading my chart.

“I treasure the sage advise you left me with and already allowing it to percolate though my consciousness. The MP3 file came through just fine. So grateful to have it to review.

“Thank you, Linda, for imparting wisdom and generosity and spirit to all you meet. Much Love and gratitude,”

Sacramento, CA

“I was referred to Linda by a friend and I was not disappointed! Linda is wonderful and very knowledgeable in what she does. I enjoyed meeting her as she has a beautiful soul. It was an amazing experience to have my Astrology Chart created, read and interpreted by Linda. I would highly recommend her.”

Lincoln, CA

“Dear Linda, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you do! Our conversation served me very well! Now to allow the healing and focus on the empowerment. You’re great at what you do and thank you again! My heart to yours.”

Elk Grove, CA

“I had been asking the universe to connect me with an astrologer to help me confirm my purpose in “retirement.”  Linda’s Astro News article, The Road to Awe & The Full Moon in Sagittarius,  magically came to me on Facebook, on the full moon of June 9, 2017 .  Based on that road, I  felt I needed to communicate with her.

“All in cosmic order, she had  a shuffling of her schedule and I was able to have a consultation the next day, still within the full moon influence. I knew my request had been answered.  She could see the big picture of purpose which provided  a stunning confirmation. She also skillfully pointed out some auspicious times for me to consider as I plan and allow for this summer and fall to unfold. Nor did she shy away from a couple of areas that will require attention and  infusion of TLC.

“I  listened carefully, yet my feedback was requested and welcomed, bringing out a few aha  breaths for both of us. I highly recommend Linda to anyone interested in the big purpose, or the more immediate situations one might be dealing with. She is a highly skilled professional with a wonderful balance of compassion and grace.”

Rancho Cordova, CA

“Oh My Goodness! Where do I start?!?!  I found Linda on Yelp. I had other referrals from family and friends, but for some universal force, I sought and found her on Yelp. So please see ALL of her rave reviews!! She’s all that and more!! My experience was personally deep. Everything Linda spoke of was spot on. The foresight of how my chart reads is indicative of great probability as I know my path to be.

“I also attended a class Linda created regarding Asteroid Goddesses that correlated with my personal horoscope. A class that was very engaging and amazingly on point with my chart. Furthermore, Linda’s articulate style made someone like myself to better understand as I am not versed on astrology as my fellow classmates were. From my observance, they were also very enlightened with Linda’s knowledge. With that said, it doesn’t matter how much you know about astrology as Linda clarifies effortlessly.

“Lastly, this was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time for personal growth and awareness! I urge you to find out for yourself. I feel confident Linda’s reading will change your life for the better!”

Loomis, CA

“Linda is a gifted astrologer, Reiki Master, and intuitive. Astrology might not normally be classified as a healing art, but Linda is a healer, and the way she practices astrology heals. I have had many readings with Linda and they all have served to validate or explain something central in my life, and focused on giving me the power to understand myself and richly live without implying that there is a set future to which I am bound, or which I should fear.

“I also am fortunate to have known Linda personally for more than 11 years and consider her a dear friend. She is one of the most loyal, honest, integral and generous people I know and extremely dedicated to her own process of self study, truth seeking and awakening. She absolutely walks her talk. I have worked with countless healers and intuitives over several years and Linda is the best of the best.”


“Linda Kaye read my chart as I was going through a particularly difficult time n my life. Her reading was incredibly accurate and her advice sage. But more than that, she made me feel confident about the changes and choices I needed to make. Her reading and her compassion helped me face my challenges.”

East Hanover, New Jersey

“A friend recommended I speak to Linda after explaining I was having trouble making some difficult life decisions. I didn’t really know what to expect and was somewhat hesitant. Linda helped me understand the science behind astrology as well as grasp some of my internal conflicts. I loved her spiritual nature and down to earth approach. I felt like we had been friends my whole life.

“She did a consultation over the phone (I am not local) and emailed me an audio file immediately following our talk. She was professional, kind and really knows her stuff!  I am now on her weekly newsletter list which I enjoy reading very much.”

Santa Monica, CA

“I have had the great blessing of meeting with Linda Kaye in person more than once for an astrological reading.  I was always a skeptic around astrology until Linda demonstrated, with beguiling accuracy, parts of my personality which were a mystery even to myself.  Her ability to take complex ideas around the fixed and oft developing psychology of personality, making them accessible, is an intuitive art form.  But it does not stop there: Linda helped me prepare for the future by explaining what she was seeing in my chart.  I do not fully understand how she does this, clearly it reflects training coupled with intuitive gifts – yet – what she sees usually comes to fruition, one way or another. Linda has shown me that the science of astrology is very real and legitimate when put into the hands of someone capable.

“I have had the good fortune of knowing Linda as a friend as well as her being my personal astrologer.  Linda lives her life fixated on developing a deeper understanding of herself and broadening her awareness as an evolving being on the planet. In short, she is an inspirational and transformational being on the planet, generously sharing her insight via astrology.

“Believing that all people on our planet are here to evolve, Linda Kaye takes her role as an educator and guide seriously. As a result, her readings challenge her clients to integrate what she is “seeing,” turning insight into action.  I always come away with renewed clarity around why my life is unfolding the way it is, and an enthusiasm to meet it head on. In short – in our very cynical world – Linda’s educated and intuitive insight is a breath of fresh air as well as a gentle push in the right direction.

“Finally, it’s worth noting that even though I often get to see Linda in person, it’s the audio file recordings (which she sends immediately after a reading) that has the largest impact.  The last reading in particular was so dense with information that being able to listen to it repeatedly has been extremely insightful.

“I recommend Linda Kaye Astrology with the highest regard.”

New York City, NY

“A reading from Linda Kaye is like the Ultimate Survival Guide for life. We all have those moments of uncertainty and Linda gives you the keys to move forward and continue on your life path. Sometimes we just need a little reassurance that we are in the right spot. Linda’s astrological readings provide an accurate interpretation of how you are being affected by planetary motion. It isn’t just about sun sign’s anymore; Linda gives an in depth look at your life and provides you with the information and resources to work within the energies that move you.”

Sacramento, CA

“I originally purchased a session with Linda online (long distance) as a gift for my 20-year-old son that resides in her area. As his procrastination wore on, Linda contacted me to ask if I’d like the session for myself instead. Needless to say, I accepted. Ours was conducted over the phone.

“Linda was able to bring clarity in a time for me that I most needed it, and I cannot thank her enough! She was spot on about my personality traits and life struggles. I will definitely return for another session and possibly classes, upon my move back to the area.

“I encourage anyone with a desire for more insight into one’s self to give Linda a try. You will not be disappointed.”

Northern CA

“I had an excellent experience when Linda Kaye read my astrological chart. I had never had a reading before and was happily surprised with how useful and applicable the information was to various areas of my life, including travel. She is so knowledgeable that I ran out of questions way before she ran out of info. I was profiled spot on, and felt validated in some of the struggles I’ve been experiencing because they were thoroughly explained through astrological phenomena, providing me with new direction.

“I highly recommend Linda. I am excited to use her professional, knowledgeable, and considerate services again.”

Folsom, CA

“What I remember most vividly about my first astrological consultation with Linda Kaye was the feeling that she REALLY “got me” and saw me clearly – my strengths, my challenges, and my opportunities in a way that created a shift from feeling odd to celebrating my uniqueness.   Now, more than 15 years later, Linda continues to guide and educate me; assisting me in working with the archetypal and planetary energies versus against them, resulting in a much more fulfilling life. Treat yourself to an astrological consultation with Linda Kaye. You will be glad you did!”

Patagonia, Arizona

“It had been thirty years since I had a chart done and was busy seeking answers back then.  My recent experience with Linda and a new chart was really profound for me.  It occurred to me that she was speaking my very own unique language to me.  She described my ways of behavior and what it meant.  So, I realized these were windows of opportunity that would lead me to making changes and progress I didn’t know was possible.  She has a very complete understanding of the astrological process and what it means for you. Highly recommended …”

Newcastle, CA

“Linda did the charts of both of my children, brother, a close friend, as well as mine. They were amazing experiences for each of us. I have had several readings over the years and found Linda to be so “present” and tuned into my chart’s energy. She is a natural communicator and her knowledge of ancient mythology and beliefs make a reading from her extremely fascinating and very real, I would go back to her in a  heartbeat.”

Granite Bay, CA

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