June 5, 6:00 p.m. PDT
15 Degrees and 44 Minutes of Gemini

The entire transit will last six-hours and thirty- one minutes and will be visible from eastern Asia, eastern Australia, New Zealand and the western Pacific, as well as Alaska, northern Canada and almost all of Greenland.

The May 20 “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse was a spectacular astronomical event that left viewers in awe of our solar system’s cycles. 2012—a year chock full of Astro-symbolism—will provide mystical seekers with the rare opportunity to experience the upcoming planet of love, Venus, as she passes over the planet of light—our Central Sun.

This rare phenomenon which last occurred in 2004 hadn’t occurred prior in over 120 years. She will not transit over the Sun again until 2017. These important Venus transits come approximately every 121 years and then occur in pairs with eight years separation. They always begin around the end of May or beginning of June (Gemini) and then in November or beginning of December (Sagittarius). The first of the current pair occurred on June 8, 2004, at 17 Gemini 53. Similar to a Solar Eclipse, Venus will move across the face of the Sun and block light from the Sun to Earth whereby Venus will appear as a black spot moving across the Sun.

The timing of the current Venus Eclipse is considered important because it coincides with the ending of the Mayan Calendar. In my 2012 presentation I detail how Mayan mythology indicates that 2012 will be an evolutionary leap for all life forms within our entire solar system. This evolutionary leap is referred to by Mayan elders as “The Shift of the Ages.”

The Venus Eclipse in Gemini finds its ruler Mercury also in his ruling sign of Gemini. Mercury is the only God that was granted access to the heavenly and earthly realms, as well as the underworld. This Mercurial Greek mythology is quite mysterious when we consider that the ancient Mayans referred to the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy as their underworld and the Gateway of the Gods. The underworld in Mayan mythology was considered to be their “road to awe” because they believed that death was in fact the transition to life.

Venus was intrinsically sacred to the Mayans, and they believed she was the companion to the Sun. The Sun is worshiped in spiritual practices and is considered to be the vehicle to enlightenment.  The Mayans both revered and feared Venus. They built temples aligned to key phases in her cycle whereby they calculated and watched for the return of “the bringer of light”—their Sun God Quetzalcoatl. In fact, the return of Quetzalcoatl is expected by the Mayans during 2012. Among other things, Quetzalcoatl also represents the savior of humanity and integration of opposites, and many today refer to him as the bringer of Christ consciousness.

Each of us in our own way is experiencing Quetzalcoatl’s return as we become aware of the “Christ consciousness” or light within.  We are shifting our perceptions of the divine and realizing that divinity does not exist solely outside of us as something or someone to be worshiped; rather, it is eternally present within all of life and simultaneously waiting to be acknowledged and awakened. In many spiritual teachings, such as the Mayan’s, the Sun’s domain is to help awaken humanity. In fact there is now daily evidence of unprecedented change occurring on our Central Sun during this time period. As our Sun goes through this great evolutionary universal change our very DNA is being altered and we are all changing and growing spiritually.

OUR WORLD IS CHANGING AND SO ARE WE! Based on past Venus-Sun eclipses, many are presenting this transit as a harbinger of fear inducing Earth changes. My previous article on the Lunar Eclipse describes how these cosmic energies deliver opportunities to break free from past conditioning and patterns. We are innately joyful beings and our future does not have to be a recurrence of past conditioning and unconscious actions.

Venus is the planet of love, peace, harmony and balance. While transiting through the sign of Gemini we are encouraged to seek balance and bring conscious Sun-light to all our thought processes and communications.  Additionally, the Sun rules the heart and therefore I feel Gregg Braden’s below quote bears repeating during this rare and special transit,  “The physical world is a reflection of our love and fears. If we conquer our fears only then will we be free. Catastrophes cannot occur if we are vibrating love.”

Copyright 2012 by Linda Kaye

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