The Saturn Return: A Planetary Time Indicator of Change

The Saturn Return: A Planetary Time Indicator of Change

Dec. 19, 2017 – Dec. 16, 2020

The planet Saturn begins its journey through your Astrological horoscope at the moment of your birth. Its complete cycle through the zodiac and the 12 houses of your Astrological chart takes roughly 29 years. The Saturn Return occurs when Saturn passes through the sign it was in at the time of your birth and will be in effect for approximately two-and-a-half years. You will experience the Saturn Return twice in your life, typically around age 28-30 and again at 56-59. If you were born during 1988 – 1991 or 1959 – 1961 you were born with Saturn in Capricorn and are currently experiencing your first or second Saturn Return.

When Saturn returns to its natal position in your chart you will undergo one of the most intense maturation periods of your life. In general, Saturn Returns are precursors to strong and sometimes painful yearnings for change. During this period you will be divinely guided to relinquish anything in your life that does not support your future life goals and purpose. You may find yourself feeling compelled to prioritize your objectives and activities so you can make the best use of your abilities for the next 29.5 years.

This can be a very stressful and trying time because the security of the past is familiar and safe, whereas the future is still unformed and therefore uncertain. Among many things, Saturn represents karma, responsibility and accountability. This will be a critical time requiring you to act with extreme integrity.

The Saturn Return brings about endings and new beginnings. The universe will unveil unhealthy and incongruent living and working conditions that can no longer be tolerated. This recognition can bring about enormous change, which may at times feel completely out of your control.

If you resist your personal nature and desires during your Saturn Return, the next 29.5 years could bring much suffering. If you willingly embrace Saturn’s courageous force then the transformation you make during this period can bring long term stability and future security.

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The Full Moon in Mystical Pisces

The Full Moon in Mystical Pisces

Sunday, August 26, 2018
4:56 a.m. Pacific Time

3°12′ Pisces

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to
be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”  — Deepak Chopra

Pisces is the mystical sign that represents union — the unending quest of humankind to merge with divine. The eternal Piscean search for union (whether conscious or not) can permeate your dreaming and waking reality. From this vantage point, the Full Moon in Pisces is highlighting the balance between self and other, offering an important reminder that our ultimate relationship is the integration or union with the divinity that exists deep within us. The veils between the Earth and spirit realms are thinner when Pisces is emphasized in the heavens, so you can expect your daily activities to feel dreamier and more surreal than usual over the next couple of days.

Astrologically, the light of a Full Moon illuminates the area of our life symbolized by the zodiac sign in which it falls. Full Moons always occur when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun. The Sun will be in Virgo during this Full Moon and will, therefore, emphasize the Pisces–Virgo themes of healing. Both these signs are sensitive to environmental pollutants and toxins. The good news is that the awareness of your sensitivities can encourage purification and ultimately the integration of body-mind-spirit. Both Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs, which are flexible and adaptable to change. Take advantage of this restorative Full Moon and create healthy new routines that allow you to connect to divine and create improved ways of living.

“Replace fear-based thinking with love-based thinking. Every time you’re making
a choice, ask yourself if it’s going to cultivate the experience of unity and
love or the experience of separation and stress.” — Deepak Chopra

Mercury is sounding a proud and powerful roar during this Full Moon lunation as it makes its dramatic rise over the eastern horizon. It is the ruling planet of Virgo and while traveling through the sign of Leo it calls us to creatively actualize heart-mindfulness: to think and speak from our heart and not our ego. Leo is also associated with children and romance, providing us with opportunities to evaluate whether we are nurturing our inner-child, and creating romantic moments of honoring and loving the self.

“Holding on to something is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate.”
— Deepak Chopra

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and represents the culmination of a cycle — endings in one or more areas of life, or simply letting go of habitual patterns that no longer serve your highest wellbeing. During this paramount time on our planet, many of us are experiencing ongoing changes that require relinquishing comforts associated with old ways of being. Even the most difficult culminations will serve your highest good as they simultaneously prevent unnecessary crises and suffering that result when necessary changes are resisted. Therefore, embrace and honor the wisdom of fluidity that this Full Moon is granting and dream new and exciting visions into your future.

Pisces Full Moon Key Words: Flexibility, Dreamtime, Intuition, Suffering, Healing or Healing Crises (of body-mind-spirit), Culmination, Union with Divine,

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Chiron in Pisces

Chiron in Pisces

The Centaur & Wounded Healer Journeys Through the Sign of Pisces
Feb. 8, 2011 – Feb. 18, 2019

Chiron’s mythology has played a very important role in Astrology and society since its discovery by astronomers in 1977.  Believed to be a comet, Chiron—represented by the centaur— symbolizes alternative forms of healing, psychology, human rights, and mysticism— subjects which have all become increasingly widespread throughout the world since its noted sighting.

Astrologically, Chiron is often referred to as “The Rainbow Bridge” because he links our external world—materialism—to our internal world of personal spirituality and consciousness. Also known as “The Wounded Healer,” or “The Shamanic Healer,” Chiron represents our collective and individual physical, emotional, or spiritual wounds which can be healed using natural, holistic, and alternative forms of medicine. His presence illuminates the area of our life that requires a vigilant awareness and commitment to personal healing. It is this awareness that will allow you to embrace your deepest wounds so you can retrieve the fragmented parts of yourself, and thus be made whole again.

Fittingly, Chiron just left the sign of Aquarius which governs, among other things: the internet; friendships and social groups (noted by the prevalence of social media outlets, smart phones, etc.); and isolation.  It is important to recognize that obsessions to facebook and other new communications, such as texting, can be attributing to a collective societal disconnect from the heart and soul that results in a deeper sense of isolation for many. On a positive note, this new Aquarian technology has created unprecedented and global information sharing that can be used to heal one another and our societal structures.

Chiron last passed through Pisces from 1960–1969 and if you were born during this period you will experience your Chiron Return sometime between now and 2018. Pisces is represented by the separating fish and depicts the separating desires that lead you further and further from a direct heart and soul connection to the divine. Because it is the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents culminations. Pisces is the sign most associated with the healing that occurs as we embark on a journey of connection to the omnipresent consciousness that is accessible within us all.  It is through Pisces that we ultimately find the union we seek—the union with our own heart and soul; the union that leads us back to our divine source.

If your Chiron or Sun is in Pisces, or if you have other Pisces planets in your horoscope, you can look forward to this next decade as a time of spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. Chiron’s presence will encourage you to recognize and embrace the dynamics that keep you from achieving a spiritual connection to the divine so that you can achieve your most meaningful potential in life.

Even without a major planet in Pisces, your horoscope will be affected by the transiting comet because it will pass through one or more of your astrological houses. The symbolism of these houses will represent the specific types of healing you can expect to experience during this time.

Healing yourself requires the courage of the centaur, as well as the Piscean attributes of trust, faith, and surrender. It requires intense focus and deep purification of that which no longer serves you as we move into “The Shift of the Ages”, a momentous era of spiritual evolution that first begins within our own hearts.

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Love & the Potent New Moon in Taurus

Love & the Potent New Moon in Taurus

Tuesday, May 15, 4:48 a.m. PDT
24°35′ Taurus

The Moon will move in to the sign of Taurus on Sunday, May 13 around noon. When the Moon travels through Taurus we are each given an opportunity to honor all things earthly. In the sign of the bull, the Moon is ruled by Venus and becomes dignified as it grants Venusian prospects of good fortune. Under Taurus’s lunar influence you may want to relax, to experience the finer things in life, and to seek emotional security and comfort through the sensual pleasures of gourmet food, fine wine, and chocolate.

Astrologically, Taurus represents both the material and spiritual realms: From a material perspective Taurus is the sign that correlates security with survival — what brings us security, or allows us to feel secure, will promote our survival. In our Western world we often find ourselves associating our security (personal value and self-worth) with our growing or diminishing financial status. Therefore, you may find yourself pondering your personal value and net-worth during this potent lunar phase. Ultimately, however, Taurus’s divine purpose is to teach us how to embrace self-reliance, self-worth, and self-love from a place deep within ourselves. When Taurus seeks spiritual awareness, one becomes attracted to the esoteric laws that are revealed through the study and practice of the ancient wisdom teachings. This intention is sought by the soul, in order to obtain union with its higher nature and to spiritualize the earthly human form.

This Full Moon is ruled by Aphrodite’s planet of Love — Venus. Venus is synonymous with LOVE and when associated with Taurus she is asking us to cultivate a loving relationship with self so we can love the other unconditionally. Venus is currently traveling through the zodiac sign of Gemini and she is making a sextile aspect to Uranus — the planet that inspires and ignites us to “wake up” and change. This year’s New Moon in Taurus is especially important because it is occurring on the same day (May 15) that Uranus is moving into the sign of Taurus following its 7-year passage through Aries.

With these Venusian and Uranian influences you can expect to “awaken to” what it means to love (Venus) from a place of freedom (Uranus). Can you create liberation for yourself and others by loving without attachment? If yes, then you should be aligning with an internal sense of worthiness, that brings a deep inner strength, serene peace, and love of self — ultimate freedom. If like most of us, however, this attainment seems impossibly difficult, then you may want to embrace the energies associated with this potent New Moon, along with Uranus’s movement into Taurus, to mindfully (Venus in Gemini) set intentions to do so.

Lastly, both Taurus and Venus correlate to our values. What do you truly value and how do you love others based on those values? Expect to hear the word “value” quite frequently over the upcoming 7-year period, as it will likely become the new “buzz-word” during Uranus’s movement through the Venusian sign of Taurus.  You can also anticipate a new awareness, one that will awaken you to how you relate based on your personal values; and how your individual way of relating creates or denies security and love in your life.

Following are some suggested Taurean intentions for this New Moon:

  • To appreciate beauty and the finer things in life without a need to possess or own.
  • To display self-worth that radiates inner security regardless of my financial status.
  • To honor and nurture my individual gifts and values.
  • To love myself and others unconditionally.
  • To allow others the freedom to not love me.

Copyright 2018 by Linda Kaye

Buddha & The Scorpio Full Moon

Buddha & The Scorpio Full Moon

Sunday, April 29, 2018
5:58 p.m. pacific time
9°38′ minutes of Scorpio

Everything is changeable, everything appears and disappears; there is no blissful peace until one passes beyond the agony of impermanence.              ~ Buddha

This month’s Full Moon is considered spiritually auspicious as people all over the world celebrate Buddha’s enlightenment. It was while the Moon was in her full phase in Scorpio that Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree over 2,500 years ago and obtained Nirvana. The sign of the Scorpion encourages each of us to embrace the mysteries of death and rebirth and the overall impermanence of human life. Cycles of darkness eventually awaken us to the wisdom of enlightenment that result from going deep within.

The Moon moves into Scorpio at 12:11 a.m. pacific time on Sunday morning and enters into its exact Full Moon phase at 5:58 p.m. Because the Moon is traveling through the domain of the Scorpion it will highlight personal power dynamics, possessions, other people’s money, sexuality and a need for deep internal transformations.

As a water sign, Scorpio represents our emotional realm and most specifically, our deep subconscious — also known as the underworld by the native shamans. This lunation cycle has the potential to suddenly illuminate hidden agendas and encourage long overdue transformation. If you desire change, you will want to embrace this powerful Full Moon to transmute and transform your life.

Scorpio is feminine in nature and symbolizes the spiritual essence of the divine shakti — energy and power — which is recognized as the many faces of the divine feminine. In the Hindu tradition the divine shakti is known as the divine mother, the universal creator, destroyer of evil, and sustainer of all life. Her many faces are acknowledged as Kali and Durga, as well as the supreme female companion of Lord Shiva — Parvati. The divine union of Shiva and Parvati is symbolic of the powerful merger of equality between the sacred feminine and masculine.

The Full Moon in Scorpio only occurs once a year when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun and reflects the solar energies of the zodiac sign Taurus  —  the sign associated with inner security, values, and self-love. This is an especially powerful Full Moon because the two planets associated with Scorpio — Pluto and Mars — have been in a close conjunction with one another this past week and will continue to be so into next week. This duo combined with the Full Moon in Scorpio is packing a potent punch! Its intensity can promote an alchemical transmutation both spiritually and emotionally.

This is a powerful lunation offering the potential to illuminate hidden agendas and encourage long overdue change. If alchemical transformation is something you desire you can draw upon the transformational energy of Scorpio to transmute your life. Spend time in meditation, ceremony, or ritual and intend to awaken to the metamorphosis of your human and spiritual journey.

Scorpio Full Moon Key Words: Transformation, Secrets, Illumination, Power Dynamics, Sexuality, Possessions, Impermanence (Death & Rebirth).

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Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon

Sunday, April 15, 2018 – 6:57 p.m. pacific time
26°20′ Aries

“In order for us to create something new in our lives, we have to leave behind a portion of the known and familiar. This includes familiar thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and sometimes even relationships.”
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Sun’s movement into Aries on March 20 (the Spring Equinox) marked the seasonal and Astrological New Year – and the official end of winter. Now that the Sun has crossed over the celestial equator and is headed towards the Northern Hemisphere our days will continue to be longer and warmer.

Because this month’s New Moon coincides with the Astrological New Year, there are two “new initiatory cycles” occurring simultaneously. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known for its independent, impulsive, and strategizing warrior nature. It thrives when it is initiating brand new cycles of adventure and self-discovery and can become easily enraged when its freedom-nature and unfulfilled desires are thwarted.

Freedom is the vital theme of this lunation due to its close alignment with the electrical, rebellious, and revolutionary planet of change — Uranus, who is frequently referred to as “the Great Awakener.” With the Sun, Moon, Uranus, as well as Mercury, all in the sign of Aries, you could find yourself feeling inspired to pursue and explore unexpressed aspects of yourself. This powerful New Moon can compel you to dismantle the barriers that have kept you stuck. For this reason, it can be helpful to remember that Uranus is futuristic in nature, its purpose is to awaken the light of awareness within your psyche and inspire you to let go of the past and embrace the future.

Pluto, the God of the Underworld, is also influencing this New Moon — representing the transformative themes of death and rebirth — Pluto can signify deeply buried emotions. Like a volcano, Plutonian emotions can suddenly erupt with a fierce force and take us totally by surprise. If you find this occurring in your life, pay close attention to your reactions and seek to understand what they are trying to tell you. Once recognized and understood, a total transformation, leading to feelings of rebirth can occur. Another of Pluto’s roles is to entice us towards experiences that involve intense power dynamics. These types of Plutonian lessons are meant to awaken us to the right use of power; how to best obtain and utilize our personal power so that we can ultimately interact with ourselves and others from a strong and empowered place of self-love.

To say ‘I love you’ one must know first how to say ‘I’ — Ayn Rand

A futuristic electric charge of change and transformation is in the air! Intend new and exciting visions for your future: Rebel against self-doubt, denial, or any other feelings and sabotaging behaviors that keep you from your true nature. Relinquish that which does not bring liberation to yourself and all sentient beings. Embark on and discover your very own brand-new frontiers!

Aries New Moon Key Words: Initiation, Warrior, Self-Discovery, Independence, Freedom, Exploration and Adventure, Instinctual Desires, Brand New Cycle.

Skywatchers: A vision of astronomical beauty is occurring this week! Venus will be visible in the Western sky within 5° of the Moon as they both transit through the sign of Taurus on Tuesday, April 17. You will see her just above and to the right of the Crescent Moon sliver and on Wednesday evening (April 18), you will find her below the Crescent Moon – enjoy!

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