April 25, 2013 12:57 p.m. PDT
05 degrees and 25 minutes

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” ~ Carl Jung

The first eclipse of this year will be visible in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and will last just under 27 minutes in the sign of Scorpio.

This eclipse is destined to bring about deep emotional transformation as it shines its ever revealing light into the deep recesses of your unconscious. This will be true for each of us, but especially for those who have Taurus or Scorpio planets in their horoscope because these are the two zodiac signs in which the eclipses are highlighting. A lunar eclipse will shine a probing light into your emotional psyche and will maintain its influence in your life for as long as it takes for you to resolve the emotional dynamics that it exposed.

Scorpio is feminine in nature and symbolizes the element of water. Its spiritual essence is symbolized by the divine shakti—energy and power—which is recognized as the many faces of the divine feminine. In the Hindu tradition the divine shakti is known as the divine mother, the universal creator, destroyer of evil and sustainer of all life. Her many faces are acknowledged as Kali, Durga, and the only female companion of Lord Shiva—Parvati. The divine union of Shiva and Parvati is symbolic of the powerful merger of equality between the sacred feminine and masculine.

Just as Eclipses create a temporary shadow, you too, may find yourself uncovering previously Scorpionic buried emotions that need to be acknowledged and honored. During this eclipse it is important to embrace the mysteries of death and rebirth; personal power themes, security, possessions, other people’s money, passion, sexuality and deep internal transformations.

If you are finding yourself immersed in an underworld of
internal struggles, or just needing to transform an important
area of your life, this lunar eclipse is the time to seek
assistance in making the changes you desire.

Astrologers have studied eclipses and their effects since the Babylonian era and have found that they often coincide with earth changes, political upheavals and modern stock market fluctuations. With the advent of external events, eclipses can become powerful indicators of needed change in our personal lives.

The energies of an Eclipse can be felt a few days before and after an occurrence and the ancient sages believed eclipses were a time for meditation and learning; a special time to honor the spiritual aspects of your life. Try to keep your schedule light, remain internally focused, eat only pure foods, and do not consume alcohol. The veil between Earth and the heavens is thinner during an eclipse, allowing you to more easily connect to the eternal universal wisdom that is your divine essence.

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