DATE: Sunday, March 06, 2016
TIME: 2 to 5 pm
PLACE: Holistic Light House: 401-B Vernon St.
Roseville, CA

The above beautiful and inspiring Vision Board picture is
courtesy of Amy from our January Workshop!

A vision board is a powerful way to activate the energy of manifestation through the power of intention and visualization. By affixing your chosen images to a display that you look at frequently, you focus your attention on what matters to you most & make that your destination. In this motivating workshop you will:

  • Set Clear intentions of what you want to manifest according to your highest good.
  • Choose meaningful images that represent what you want to experience, achieve or become.
  • Focus on “What” you want rather than worrying about the “How” to get there!
  • Break through unconscious limiting beliefs and expand your horizons by giving life to your dreams!

COST: $25.00

Pay at the door or register in advance here:

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We will supply your board, glue, and many magazines for you to create with.
Please bring a pair of scissors and any other materials you
to create your Vision Board with.

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