Friday, November 3 – 10:22 p.m. PT
11 degrees 44 minutes

 “The final and most challenging test in the University of Relationships is to leave the other free, including leaving them free to not love you. It is only when you realize this truth that you can receive the diploma — your own freedom.” ~ Sri Prem Baba

This month’s Full Moon is electrically super-charged, because Venus and Uranus are in an exact opposition to one another and both are dynamically influencing it.

Astrologically, Taurus represents both the material and spiritual realms. From a material perspective it is the sign that correlates security with survival – what brings us security, or allows us to feel secure, will promote our survival. When the Moon is in Taurus we can find ourselves wanting to enjoy and relax within the sensual and material realms that we have created. Spiritually, Taurus represents the divine and sacred mysteries, the hidden and esoteric laws associated with divine wisdom.

This Full Moon is ruled by Aphrodite’s planet of Love Venus. Venus is synonymous with LOVE and when associated with Taurus she is asking us to cultivate a loving relationship with self so we can truly love the other. Venus is auspiciously traveling through the zodiac sign of partnership (Libra) while also aspecting Uranus – the planet that inspires and ignites us to “wake up” and change. Under these Venusian and Uranian influences you can expect to increase your awareness around what it means to love from a place of freedom. Can you create liberation (Uranus) for yourself and others by loving without attachment?

Lastly, Taurus and Venus are also related to our values. What do you truly value and how do you love others based on those values? Expect this Full Moon to bring about surprising revelations reflecting how you love yourself and others. Most importantly, if you currently believe that your security comes from external resources or other people then now is an excellent time to contemplate and initiate new intentions for the following:

  • To appreciate beauty and the finer things in life without a need to possess or own.
  • To display self-worth that radiates inner security regardless of my financial status.
  • To honor and nurture my individual gifts and values.
  • To love myself and others unconditionally.
  • To allow others the freedom to not love me.


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