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Posted by on Aug 25, 2022 in 2022, Current Astro News, News

Purity and the New Moon in Virgo

Purity and the New Moon in Virgo

4°03′ Virgo
Saturday, August 27, 2022
1:16 a.m. pacific time

To a pure heart all hearts are pure.  —  Mahatma Gandhi

Every New Moon brings a special gift of energetic wisdom based on the zodiac constellation in which it occurs. The holistic unification and purification of one’s body, mind, and spirit are Virgo’s most important offering. 

Purity is a strong motivator for this devotional sign. Whether it be a fit physical body, a healthy clear mind, or the ideal image of divinity, Virgo naturally strives for the “purest” form of whatever it seeks. In the end, and true to the above quote by Gandhi, Virgo’s quest ultimately leads to the realization that we are all divine beings, and therefore, already pure and perfect.

Because Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury it appreciates analytical–critical thinking with the goal of arriving at the pure essence of the matter. Many of today’s scientists and teachers are informing us that the function of our mind is to create unity between our thoughts and the reality that we wish to experience, whether it be perfect health or some other longing. This requires conscious, creative, and focused thinking. Hence, controlling our mentality seems worth the effort since physics has long-ago proven that concentrated energy gives life to matter.

Neglecting any one of Virgo’s holy trinity (body, mind, spirit) can lead to inner and/or external crises. If a crisis does occur and is interpreted as something happening to us, it can lead to confusion along with feelings of victimization, yet another key Virgo theme.

New Moons occur in the first phase of the 28-day lunation cycle, representing a symbolic time to plant seeds of intentions for new beginnings in our lives. This New Moon happens to be making an exact and challenging aspect to the planet Mars. As you may recall, Mars is associated with action and freedom. When either or both become thwarted, the result can be frustration, anger, and even rage.  Therefore, take time during the peak days/hours of this New Moon (Sept. 27 & 28) to feel into where you need or would like more movement and freedom in your life. Set intentions for future growth that can sprout when the Sun’s light is once again reflected at the Full Moon.

Pay special attention to your nutritional requirements, thought processes, and spiritual needs.  Be gentle, kind, and loving to yourself. Try not to belabor details, overanalyze, or become too critical, especially of yourself.  

Virgo Key Words: Analyze, Discriminate, Perfection, Daily Work, Guilt, Atonement, Purification (body—mind—spirit), Innocence, Giving and Assisting, Humility, Mental Constructs, Spirituality. Body: intestines, nervous system, hands and feet

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