Monday, July 3, 2023
4:38 a.m. pacific time
11°18 Capricorn

I wish it need not have happened in my time, said Frodo.
So do I, said Gandalf, and so do all who live to see such times.
But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do
 with the time that is given us.
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Full Moons are typically experienced as the most potently charged phase of the lunation cycle. Since a Supermoon is closer to the Earth, you can expect its reflected Astrological energies to be more heightened than a regular Full Moon. Powerful lunations offer each of us an opportunity to consciously embrace the archetypal energies represented, in this case, Capricorn and Cancer.

A Full Moon always occurs when it opposes the path of the Sun on the zodiac ecliptic. Because the Sun is traveling through the Moon’s sign of Cancer and conjoining the planet associated with our thought processes (Mercury), you will want to pay close attention to any thoughts related to your feeling nature. Hence, during this Full Moon, observe if your thoughts create feelings of inner security or insecurity. 

Capricorn is associated with the physical elements of time and matter — both from a Newtonian as well as a quantum perspective.(1) Associated with our perception of time, Capricorn encourages an awareness of cause and effect. Impatience with timing, the maturation of our goals, and/or frustration with aging can keep us from enjoying the creative power within the present moment. Capricorn encourages us to embrace reality, to welcome each new moment, and trust in the sacredness and timing of our earthly journey.

Some additional significations for Capricorn are themes of authority, the father archetype, outer-world responsibilities (career/society), control, fear, and emotional repression. Following are a few contemplative questions you can ask yourself during this Super Full Moon:

  • Do I take on too much responsibility or do I avoid it all together?
  • Am I able to maintain my own authority or do I give it away to others and feel disempowered?
  • Do I trust in a divine plan, or do I try to control my surroundings and/or the behavior and lives of others?
  • Am I a mature self-sufficient adult or do I remain dependent on others for my wellbeing?
  • Do I have faith in the flow of grace in my life or am I fearful and pessimistic?

Destructive patterns often mask deeply buried emotions. During this Super Full Moon, you can ask that any unconscious and/or self-sabotaging behaviors be illumined.

This Supermoon is auspicious for taking the “time” to evaluate the areas of your life that may need more emotional and physical maturation before they can culminate. As the Capricorn goat strives to reach the top of the mountain, one-step-at-a-time, it often finds its success during critical juncture points of both physical and emotional maturation. Be patient with yourself and the knowing that you do not have to reach the top of the mountain in one leap.

Capricorn Themes:
time, work-life balance, emotional and physical security, reflection, maturation and aging, responsibility, integrity, personal authority, fear and pessimism, letting go of control, structure and restructure, organization, social-political interests, trusting in the grace of divine timing.

1. Quantum physicists propose that the past–present Newtonian model of “time” that we live by in our third-dimensional reality is a man-made construct that doesn’t really exist. Instead, they propose that energetic waves within the quantum field allow for infinite simultaneous realities.

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