Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

Saturday, September 10, 2022
2:59 a.m. pacific time

17°41 Pisces

Some think it’s in the wine,
and others think it’s in the divine,
but pleasantness is what everyone is seeking.
— Sadguru

A Harvest Full Moon is the annual Full Moon that occurs closest to the Fall Equinox and this year the Harvest Moon will brilliantly rise at its fullest on Friday & Saturday nights (September 9–10).

Astrologically, the light of a Full Moon illuminates the area of life symbolized by the zodiac sign in which it falls. This year’s Harvest Full Moon occurs in the mystical and otherworldly domain of Pisces. Associated with the cosmic, many of this sign (or those with Pisces planets in their charts) will often find themselves psychically transported to faraway realms.

Because this Harvest Full Moon is closely aligned with its ruling-planet Neptune (also in Pisces) it will imbue us with a greater dose of Piscean energy and a deeper awareness of the Pisces realms of compassion and caring, love, intuition, guilt, escapism (through any mode necessary), beauty, desires, suffering and sacrifice, healing or healing crises, adaptability, karmic completions, unity, oneness, and wholeness.

Importantly, and as mentioned above, this final sign of the zodiac represents the need to culminate any outmoded karmic patterns or addictive comforts that cease to serve our highest good. Endings can often feel difficult, but ultimately, even the most challenging will benefit us if they prevent crises and suffering. Therefore, this is an optimal lunation for intentions around letting go of the past and embracing the future.

Lastly, Mercury, the ruling-planet of the Virgo Sun (the light reflecting the Harvest Full Moon) turns retrograde during this Full Moon. Mercury is retrograding in the sign of Libra, denoting the exploration and re-visitation of relationship dynamics. To learn more about Mercury Retrograde in Libra please read my Fall Equinox and Mercury Retrograde articles.

On Friday and Saturday nights, go outdoors under the light of this powerful Harvest Full Moon and celebrate! Envision a future full of more love and more harmony for yourself, Mother Earth, and all sentient beings. Honor your bounty and enjoy the final gifts of summer as we enter the season of gratitude — fall.

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Fall Equinox and Mercury Retrograde

Fall Equinox and Mercury Retrograde

Note: The above picture is from the sacred site of Chichen Itzá, Mexico.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity
but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.
— Thomas Merton

The movement of the Sun into Libra occurs this year on Thursday, September 22, at 6:04 p.m. pacific time. Celebrated the world over, the Sun’s ingress into Libra marks the first day of Fall — the season of balance and gratitude. Astronomically, in the Northern Hemisphere, both the Fall Equinox (end of Summer) and the Spring Equinox (end of Winter) mark the only two days of the year that the Earth’s axis is not titled toward or away from the Sun.

Chichen Itza in Mexico became one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2006. The below pyramid from this site was built in the 8th–12th century C.E. and signifies the sacred Mayan calendar. On the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, thousands of people from all over the world travel to watch the phenomena of the Sun illuminating a 120-foot snake creeping down the northern staircase for 45 minutes. The Mayans created this sacred dance between shadow and light as a symbolic representation of the serpent joining Earth with the Heavens and the Underworld.

Equinox: equal balance between night and day
— dark and light

Astrologically, Libra marks the halfway point of the Sun’s journey through the Zodiac, which began at the Astrological New Year — the Sun’s movement into Aries (March 20). Just as the Fall Equinox is associated with balance (between day and night), so too is Libra. However, the sign of the scales denotes the importance of balance within our partnerships, most importantly, the art of remaining in balance with how much we give versus receive.

The Sun’s movement into Libra initiates a period of time to contemplate our ability to receive. Receiving is closely associated with gratitude and when we are in a whole-hearted state of gratitude, we are open to receiving all things associated with greater abundance — love, prosperity, joy, health, etc.

The 2022 Equinox chart embodies the astrological influences for the entire Fall season. This year, a retrograding Mercury (also in Libra) is joining the Sun, and both are in aspect with Jupiter. On an individual level, these signatures support honest and fair communications.

Retrograde Mercury’s close proximity to the Sun in Libra this season requires vigilant mindfulness in order to create balance, peace, and harmony in our relationships. Because Mercury is retrograde, we’re also likely to revisit past relationship dynamics. Jupiter’s presence adds an optimistic dose of gratitude as it highlights our desires to make choices that honor our individual autonomy, as well as the sovereignty of others.

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Purity and the New Moon in Virgo

Purity and the New Moon in Virgo

4°03′ Virgo
Saturday, August 27, 2022
1:16 a.m. pacific time

To a pure heart all hearts are pure.  —  Mahatma Gandhi

Every New Moon brings a special gift of energetic wisdom based on the zodiac sign in which it occurs. The holistic unification and purification of one’s body, mind, and spirit are Virgo’s most important offering. 

Purity is a strong motivator for this devotional sign. Whether it be a fit physical body, a healthy clear mind, or the ideal image of divinity, Virgo naturally strives for the “purest” form of whatever it seeks. In the end, and true to the above quote by Gandhi, Virgo’s quest ultimately leads to the realization that we are all divine beings, and therefore, already pure and perfect.

Because Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury it appreciates analytical–critical thinking with the goal of arriving at the pure essence of the matter. Many of today’s scientists and teachers are informing us that the function of our mind is to create unity between our thoughts and the reality that we wish to experience, whether it be perfect health or some other longing. This requires conscious, creative, and focused thinking. Hence, controlling our mentality seems worth the effort since physics has long-ago proven that concentrated energy gives life to matter.

Neglecting any one of Virgo’s holy trinity (body, mind, spirit) can lead to inner and/or external crises. If a crisis does occur and is interpreted as something happening to us, it can lead to confusion along with feelings of victimization, yet another key Virgo theme.

New Moons occur in the first phase of the 28-day lunation cycle, representing a symbolic time to plant seeds of intentions for new beginnings in our lives. This New Moon happens to be making an exact and challenging aspect to the planet Mars. As you may recall, Mars is associated with action and freedom. When either or both become thwarted, the result can be frustration, anger, and even rage.  Therefore, take time during the peak days/hours of this New Moon (Sept. 27 & 28) to feel into where you need or would like more movement and freedom in your life. Set intentions for future growth that can sprout when the Sun’s light is once again reflected at the Full Moon.

Pay special attention to your nutritional requirements, thought processes, and spiritual needs.  Be gentle, kind, and loving to yourself. Try not to belabor details, overanalyze, or become too critical, especially of yourself.  

Virgo Key Words: Analyze, Discriminate, Perfection, Daily Work, Guilt, Atonement, Purification (body—mind—spirit), Innocence, Giving and Assisting, Humility, Mental Constructs, Spirituality. Body: intestines, nervous system, hands and feet

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Revitalize with the Aquarian Super Full Moon

Revitalize with the Aquarian Super Full Moon

Thursday, August 11, 2022
6:36 pm pacific time
19°21′ Aquarius

The cure for all ills and wrongs, the sorrows and the
crimes of humanity,
all lie in the one word ‘love.’ It is the
divine vitality
that everywhere produces and restores life. 
― Lydia Maria Child

In the sign of Aquarius, this final Super Full Moon of 2022 (1) is emphasizing a conjunction with Saturn (also in Aquarius) and a stimulating aspect to the triple conjunction (2) that ushered in August. This celestial trio between the North Node (our destiny), Uranus (change), and Mars (initiation) is intended to shake things up personally and collectively! In doing so, it provides us the opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and ensure that we are staying the course of our soul’s intended destiny.

Aquarians are individualists — altruistic, eccentric, and freedom oriented. As an air sign, they are interested in ideas and thoughts (think “cosmic mind”) and are considered the brilliant innovators of the zodiac. Although Aquarius is an air sign, it was referred to by the early Greeks as The Water Bearer. This connection through the healing element of water symbolizes Aquarius’s cosmic ambrosia (amrita in Sanskrit), the drink of immortality and the divine substance that gives, nourishes, and restores life.

The Sun in Leo is also in aspect to the above mentioned “triple conjunction.” The Sun’s rays illuminate and inspire us to distinguish between the desires of our ego versus the desires of our heart (Leo). Among many qualities, Aquarius represents our hopes and wishes, and yearns for the manifestation of a better world. The sign of the courageous-regal lion, Leo, embodies leadership and passion — encouraging creative actualization in all its divine expressions. Both these signs are seeking higher forms of love.

Because this Super Full Moon is aligned with Saturn in Aquarius we are encouraged to seek Saturn’s highest expressions of ethics, integrity, morals, accountability, responsibility, justice, and the ongoing need to restructure and revitalize that which is obsolete. 

This lunation is a powerful catalyst for transformative growth: Employ Saturn’s determination to focus your mind; Uranus’s unexpected twist and turns to transform your life; the North Node and Mars to keep you on task so you can experience the adventure of your soul’s journey.

Go outside under the Full Moon’s illuminating rays and celebrate your individuality! Honor your unique gifts and set intentions for new experiences that bring awakening to more love and revitalization in your life.

Aquarius Full Moon Key Words: hopes, wishes, dreams, brilliant ideas, surprising and inspiring new opportunities, futuristic revitalization, responsibility, right action, diligence, justice, leadership, co-creation, courage

Important Dates
On August 17–18, the Moon will be moving through the sign of Taurus and joining the “triple conjunction.” Pay special attention to what is happening in your personal sphere and the world at large during these two days.  

1.  A Super Full Moon is described by Astronomers as a Perigee Moon — the point where its elliptical orbit is closest to the Earth’s surface, which causes the Moon to appear approximately 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal.
2. A triple conjunction between the North Node, Uranus, and Mars occurred at 18° Taurus on July 31 – August 2, 2022. They will remain within a 10° orb until Mars moves into Gemini on August 20.

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The Alchemical Power of Your Heart and the Leo New Moon

The Alchemical Power of Your Heart and the Leo New Moon

Thursday, July 28, 2022
10:54 a.m. Pacific Time
5°38′ Leo

You don’t have to rev up your creativity. It’s exactly the opposite.
It’s about dropping into your authenticity. To feel your own heart
of hearts and breathe life into your deep wisdom.
~ Dr. Sue Morter

As July culminates, the fireworks turn alchemical! That’s because this month’s fiery New Moon in Leo is activating powerful heart-centered shifts! Why? Because 1) astrologically, the heart is Leo’s domain and 2) there are potent aspects occurring alongside this lunation.

Action-oriented Mars and electrically charged Uranus are both aspecting ever-changing Mercury. These aspects are active for the next couple of days, during which, unforeseen and/or uncomfortable circumstances could present themselves. We may also find it challenging to stay focused.

If a tricky situation does arise, we can exercise a calm heart-centered approach with the intention of alchemically transmuting any disturbances into higher wisdom. However, beware … these are powerful aspects that have the potential to ignite impulsive reaction versus heartfelt responses. They also have the ability to inspire us to actualize our creative aspirations.

Fortuitously, both the Moon and Sun are making a benefic aspect with stationing Jupiter, who’s soon to turn retrograde (see note below).  Optimistic, wise and noble, philosophical, and adventurous — Jupiter symbolizes the quest for higher ideals. If Jupiter becomes arrogant, however, ideals morph into dogma. This retrograde cycle will encourage us to revisit these areas of our own life and make any necessary adjustments.

                                     It’s time to ignite an alchemical fire
                          within our hearts and activate our creative power!

In closing, because the heart is ruled by Leo, it is important during this New Moon to set intentions that breathe life into our heart’s desires. This is essential for all of us, but especially Leos, who can develop physical heart ailments when they do not follow their hearts. The essence of our creative light and the ability to love ourselves and others exists within the center of our heart.

Leo New Moon Key Words: I Am, creative actualization, passion, purpose, leadership, romance and love affairs, generous, playfulness and the inner child, heart consciousness, pride, self-love.

Meteor Showers: The Delta Aquariids are expected to peak around midnight on July 29 and will be especially visible on a clear night during this Dark New Moon phase. They’ll be showering us with their lightshow for a couple of weeks — enjoy!  

Jupiter is “stationed” or “standing still” from our perspective here on Earth and will turn retrograde (to move backwards) on July 29 thru November 23, 2022. Currently in Aries, the gas–giant will revisit the sign of Pisces on October 27 and will remain in Pisces thru December 20.

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Quantum Power with the Capricorn Super Full Moon

Quantum Power with the Capricorn Super Full Moon

Wednesday, July 13, 2022
11:37 a.m. Pacific Time
21°27′ Capricorn

The choice to be used as an instrument of love, right here, right now,
is a choice for personal empowerment.
 ~ Marianne Williamson

Full Moons are typically experienced as the most potently charged phase of the lunation cycle. Since this is a Super Full Moon (1) you can expect its reflected energies to be more heightened than a regular Full Moon, especially since it conjoins the planet related to intensity and quantum power — Pluto.

Capricorn is associated with the physical elements of time and matter — both from a Newtonian as well as a quantum perspective.(2) The opposition of two these signs are always seeking integration. As the Capricorn goat strives to reach the top of the mountain, one-step-at-a-time, it often finds its success during critical juncture points of both physical and emotional maturation.

To shift your life in a desired direction,
you must powerfully shift your subconscious.
~ Kevin Michel

Astrologically, the Moon represents our subconscious and internal emotional nature and the Sun our external passion and direction. Because the Sun is traveling through the Moon’s sign — Cancer, while conjoining the planet associated with our thought processes — Mercury, we will want to intend our thoughts towards a quantum transformation (Pluto) of any buried emotions and negative thinking that keeps us from experiencing our power and passion for life.

Capricorn is the sign associated with the themes of maturity, time, authority, the father archetype, outer-world responsibilities (career/society), control, fear, and emotional repression. Following are a few contemplative questions for this Super Full Moon:

  • Do you take on too much responsibility or do you avoid it all together?
  • Are you able to maintain your own authority or do you give away to others and feel disempowered?
  • Do you trust in a divine plan, or do you try to control your surroundings and/or the behavior and lives of others?
  • Are you a mature self-sufficient adult or do you remain dependent on others for your wellbeing?
  • Do you have faith in the flow of grace in your life or are you fearful and pessimistic?

Destructive patterns often mask deeply buried emotions. During this Super Full Moon, you can ask that any unconscious and self-sabotaging behaviors be illuminated. Once acknowledged, you can put a plan in place to make the necessary changes so you can fulfil your authentic desires of responsibility, passion, and the right use of power.

This Super Full Moon is a beautiful opportunity to take “time” to evaluate the areas of your life that may need more emotional and physical maturation before they can culminate. Be patient with yourself and enjoy your personal journey, knowing that you do not have to reach the top of the mountain in one leap.

1.  A Super Full Moon is described by Astronomers as a Perigee Moon — the point where its elliptical orbit is closest to the Earth’s surface which will allow the Moon to appear approximately 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal.
2. Quantum physicists propose that there is no such thing as the past–present Newtonian model of “time” as represented in our third-dimensional reality here on Earth and suggest that energetic waves within the quantum field allow for infinite simultaneous realities.

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