19 degrees & 15 minutes
Monday, February 8, 6:38 a.m. PT
The sign of The Water Bearer and Freedom Seeker

Aquarius is the celestial sign that bestows the universal cosmic waters onto humankind and our planet. Although Aquarius is an air sign, it is known as The Water Bearer and this connection through the healing element of water symbolizes an ability to spread its cosmic gifts of giving and restoring life to humanity.

Among many things, Aquarius is the sign associated with futuristic thinking. Aquarians are humanitarian and philanthropic by nature and desire to make the world a better place. This February New Moon is harmoniously aligned to its modern ruler – Uranus – the Great Awakener. Uranus has a rebellious nature desirous of the freedom to take action and ensure evolutionary progress – change! More about Uranus in a moment…

This February New Moon also happens to be aligned in a challenging aspect with Mars. Mars is the god of action that provides the passion to embark on our instinctual desires. When Mars feels constrained, trapped or unable to move in the direction it desires it can become wrathful. Therefore, during this New Moon you may find yourself face-to-face and more than a little frustrated by any “stuck-ness” or “lack-of-movement” in your own life.

Fortunately, the two planets that rule Aquarius – Uranus and its classical ruler, Saturn – are supporting this lunation. Saturn in Sagittarius encourages freedom in order to explore a deeper meaning of life and Uranus in Aries can assist with the dismantling of barriers preventing deeper awareness and therefore growth. They are both powerful catalysts to radical change and forward movement. Their energies can compel us to find deeper meaning in our lives and subsequently ensure we make the necessary change to support our own evolution.

This New Moon is an important time to evaluate your desires and need for change. Is your life full of meaning or devoid of meaning? Are you feeling passionate or fearful about your future; trapped or free to move in the direction needed?

Set intentions for how you wish to experience the winds of Aquarius directing your life!

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