Mercury Retrograde

Sept 17 – Oct 9

Pre-shadow period begins Sept 1 thru Sept 16, 2015
Retrograde begins on Sept 17 (15 degrees of Libra)
Turns direct on Oct 9 (0 degrees of Libra)
Completes post-shadow period from Oct 10 to Oct 24

In general, Mercury is the planet that astrologically represents travel, communication and our thought processes. Known as the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury’s role is to speedily deliver clear and precise information. Retrograding 3-4 times a year, when the planetary trickster strikes, many of our daily activities go haywire.

Mercury also rules electronics and is often blamed for all types of technical mishaps with cell phones, electric devices and computers, warranting an important time to backup your computer files. In general terms, machines of all kinds tend to act strangely and take on a Murphy’s Law theme.

Remain flexible and prepare for delays and miscommunications of all kinds.It is best to avoid signing any contractual agreements as matters begun during Mercury retrograde periods tend to take unexpected twists and turns in the future. During Mercury retrograde periods we often find ourselves revisiting past projects or situations that once again need our attention. It is also a time period, however, when we often hear from or feel compelled to reach out to old friends or lovers whom we haven’t spoken to in some time.

Although Mercury retrograde periods may seem frustrating at times, they provide opportunities to review or finish up old projects, contact old friends or clean out the closet and garage. It’s an opportune time for introspection and deep thought.

Previous 2015 Mercury Retrograde Periods

Jan 22 – Feb 10
Pre-shadow period begins Jan 5 thru Jan 21, 2015
Retrograde begins on Jan 22 (16 degrees Aquarius)
Turns direct on Feb 10 (1 degree Aquarius)
Completes post-shadow period from Feb 11 to Mar 3

May 19 – June 11
Pre-shadow period begins May 4 thru Jun 18, 2015
Retrograde begins on May 19 (13 degrees of Gemini)
Turns direct June 11 (4 degrees of Gemini)
Completes post-shadow period from June 12 to June 27

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Pisces Blue Full Moon

Saturday, August 29, 2015 – 11:35 a.m. Pacific Time
6 degrees and 6 minutes of Pisces

This month’s Super Full Moon is the first of three consecutive Super Full Moons. The second one is a potent Blood Moon Eclipse occurring on September 28 and the third occurs in the sign of Taurus on October 27. Super Moons are known by Astronomers as Perigee Moons and occur when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth. Because of their close proximity to the Earth, they can appear as much as 14% larger in the sky and 30% brighter to our eyes than normal moons.

Astrologically, the light of a Full Moon illuminates the area of our life symbolized by the zodiac sign in which it falls. Pisces is the mystical sign representing union–the unending quest of humankind to merge with divine. This Piscean search for union can permeate our waking and dreaming reality. When the Moon falls in the sign of Pisces, your waking world can become dreamy and surreal. The veils between the earthly and spirit realms become very thin under a Pisces influence and are an excellent time to seek and merge with the sacredness of your divine nature that exists deep within.

Full Moons always occur when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun. The Sun will be in Virgo during this Full Moon emphasizing the Piscean-Virgo theme of healing. Both these signs are sensitive to environmental toxins and promote purification and integration of body-mind-spirit. Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs indicating they are flexible with change. Take advantage of this restorative Full Moon and create new routines that allow for daily meditation and healthier ways of living.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and can encourage culmination in one or more areas of your life. During this transitional on our planet, each of us is being asked to heal and relinquish patterns associated with old ways of being. Therefore, even the most difficult culminations will serve your highest good as they simultaneously prevent unnecessary crises and suffering when change is resistant. Embrace and honor the wisdom of fluidity that this Full Moon is granting and dream new and exciting visions into your future.

Pisces Full Moon Key Words: Dreamtime, Intuition, Suffering, Healing or Healing Crises, Flexibility, Culmination, Union with Divine.

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Aphrodite’s Planet of Love, Venus, Turns Retrograde

July 26 – Sept 7


Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it. ~Rumi

Venus is the only planet (besides the Sun and Moon) that does not turn retrograde several times a year. Instead, Venus turns retrograde only once every 548 or so days and will be transiting somewhere in your Astrological horoscope. This marks a significant period because it will correlate to a period of time during which you will be inclined to reexamine and reflect on the overall nature of your reality. (more…)

Aquarius Blue Full Moon

Friday, July 31, 2015 – 3:42p.m. Pacific Time
07 degrees and 55 minutes
The sign of The Water Bearer and Freedom Seeker

A Full Moon is deemed blue not because of color, but due to the rarity of occurrence—hence, the popular statement, “once in a blue moon.” They occur approximately every 2.5 years with the last Blue Moon occurring on August 31, 2012. Based on the 29.5 day orbit of the Moon, Blue Moons occur only when there are two Full Moons in the same month. Yes, two full Moons are occurring this month—July 1 and 31—with the second of the two marking the current Blue Moon.

Aquarius is the celestial sign that bestows the universal cosmic waters onto humankind and our planet. Although Aquarius is an air sign, it is known as “The Water Bearer” and this connection through the healing element of water symbolizes an ability to spread its cosmic gifts of giving and restoring life to humanity.

Among many things, Aquarius is the sign associated with futuristic thinking. Aquarians are humanitarian and philanthropic by nature with an intention to make the world a better place. Uranus—the ruling planet of this Full Moon in Aquarius—is often called the great awakener and harbinger of change.

The theme of change is an important one during this Full Moon because it is occurring just days after Venus, the planet of love, turns retrograde. When Venus is retrograde you will find yourself reassessing matters of the heart as well as the management of your resources. This will be an important time period to become clear about what is working and not working in your life.

The reflective light of this Full Moon can bring clarity to the areas in your life needing change. Therefore, set intentions for the changing winds of Aquarius to blow and for its cosmic waters to flow into your life so you can set sail and proceed on your desired course.

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Embracing Grace with the Full Moon in Capricorn

July 1, 2015 – 7:20 pm Pacific Time
9 degrees and 55 minutes of Capricor

Full Moons occur when the Sun is in the opposite sign as the Moon and are typically experienced as the most powerful phase of the lunation cycle. We can certainly expect this to be the case under this Full Moon because it conjoins the planet related to intensity and power—Pluto. This penetrating celestial energy will be reflected back to us through the symbolic essence of the Sun in Cancer. Astrologically, the Moon represents our internal emotional nature and the Sun our external passion and direction. Because the Sun is traveling through the Moon’s sign Cancer while conjoining the planet associated with our personal will—Mars, we can intend this Full Moon to transform any buried emotions that are keeping us from our personal power and passion for life.Capricorn is the sign associated with maturity, time, outer world responsibilities, authority, control, fear and emotional repression. Take time to evaluate your own personal understanding of responsibility in your life. Do you take on too much, or avoid responsibility all together? Are you able to be your own authority or do you give your personal authority over to others? Do you trust in a divine plan or do you try to control your surroundings or the behavior and lives of others? And, lastly, do you have faith in the flow of grace in your life or are you fearful and pessimistic? Unconstructive patterns are often masking deeply buried emotions. Ask that any hidden actions be illuminated so they can be acknowledged and a plan put in place to make any necessary changes to be all that you desire.

Cancer is the sign representing emotional maturation and Capricorn the sign associated with time. As the Capricorn goat strives to reach the top of the mountain one step at a time, it often finds its success during critical juncture points of physical and emotional maturation. Under this Full Moon take “time” to evaluate the areas of your life that may need more emotional and physical maturation before they can culminate. Be patient with yourself and enjoy your personal journey knowing that you do not have to reach the top of the mountain in one leap.

This Full Moon is a beautiful time to partake in ceremony and create intentions for work-life balance, emotional and physical security dynamics, and healthy internal feminine-masculine balance. If you are unable to participate in a group ceremony, create one for yourself. Go outside and infuse your being with the Moon’s reflective light. Set your intentions, chant, drum, dance, howl—whatever calls you! Create your intentions for emotional freedom and passion of life. And, most importantly, base them on universal law—eternal well-being for all.

Capricorn Full Moon Themes: taking life one day at a time, emotional and physical maturation, responsibility, work-life balance, personal authority, trusting in the flow of grace and a divine plan.

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Illumination & the Scorpio Full Moon

Sunday, May 3, 2015 – 8:41 p.m. Pacific Time
13 degrees 22 minutes

The Moon moves into Scorpio on Saturday evening at 6:47 p.m. Pacific Time and becomes full on Sunday evening. Because this month’s Full Moon falls in the domain of the Scorpion it will highlight personal power dynamics, possessions, other people’s money, sexuality and deep internal transformations. As a water sign, Scorpio represents our emotional realm and most specifically, our deep subconscious—also known as the underworld by the native shamans.

This lunation cycle has the potential to suddenly illuminate hidden agendas and encourage long overdue transformation. If you desire change you will want to embrace this powerful Full Moon to transmute and transform your life.

Scorpio is feminine in nature and symbolizes the element of water. Its spiritual essence is symbolized by the divine shakti—energy and power—which is recognized as the many faces of the divine feminine. In the Hindu tradition the divine shakti is known as the divine mother, the universal creator, destroyer of evil and sustainer of all life. Her many faces are acknowledged as Kali, Durga, and the only female companion of Lord Shiva—Parvati. The divine union of Shiva and Parvati is symbolic of the powerful merger of equality between the sacred feminine and masculine.

Scorpio encourages us to embrace the mysteries of death and rebirth. Cycles of darkness that encourage us to go deep within will eventually awaken us to the wisdom and light of our true nature. If you find you are stuck in a defeating karmic cycle it may be that you have allowed yourself to become disempowered in that area of your life. Therefore, embrace this potent Full Moon as a powerful catalyst to transform self-defeating patterns and give birth to new and self-empowered aspects of YOU!

The Full Moon in Scorpio only occurs once a year during the Lunar cycle when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun and reflecting the solar energies of the zodiac sign Taurus. This is important because Saturn will be retrograding out of the sign of Sagittarius and will move back into Scorpio for a period of three months from June 15-September 18. Therefore, this Full Moon may offer a sneak preview of what is to unfold for your summer.

Scorpio Full Moon Key Words: Transformation, Secrets, Illumination, Power Dynamics, Sexuality, Possessions, Death & Rebirth

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