Chiron in Pisces

Chiron in Pisces

The Centaur & Wounded Healer Journeys Through the Sign of Pisces
Feb. 8, 2011 – Feb. 18, 2019

Chiron’s mythology has played a very important role in Astrology and society since its discovery by astronomers in 1977.  Believed to be a comet, Chiron—represented by the centaur— symbolizes alternative forms of healing, psychology, human rights, and mysticism— subjects which have all become increasingly widespread throughout the world since its noted sighting.

Astrologically, Chiron is often referred to as “The Rainbow Bridge” because he links our external world—materialism—to our internal world of personal spirituality and consciousness. Also known as “The Wounded Healer,” or “The Shamanic Healer,” Chiron represents our collective and individual physical, emotional, or spiritual wounds which can be healed using natural, holistic, and alternative forms of medicine. His presence illuminates the area of our life that requires a vigilant awareness and commitment to personal healing. It is this awareness that will allow you to embrace your deepest wounds so you can retrieve the fragmented parts of yourself, and thus be made whole again.

Fittingly, Chiron just left the sign of Aquarius which governs, among other things: the internet; friendships and social groups (noted by the prevalence of social media outlets, smart phones, etc.); and isolation.  It is important to recognize that obsessions to facebook and other new communications, such as texting, can be attributing to a collective societal disconnect from the heart and soul that results in a deeper sense of isolation for many. On a positive note, this new Aquarian technology has created unprecedented and global information sharing that can be used to heal one another and our societal structures.

Chiron last passed through Pisces from 1960–1969 and if you were born during this period you will experience your Chiron Return sometime between now and 2018. Pisces is represented by the separating fish and depicts the separating desires that lead you further and further from a direct heart and soul connection to the divine. Because it is the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents culminations. Pisces is the sign most associated with the healing that occurs as we embark on a journey of connection to the omnipresent consciousness that is accessible within us all.  It is through Pisces that we ultimately find the union we seek—the union with our own heart and soul; the union that leads us back to our divine source.

If your Chiron or Sun is in Pisces, or if you have other Pisces planets in your horoscope, you can look forward to this next decade as a time of spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. Chiron’s presence will encourage you to recognize and embrace the dynamics that keep you from achieving a spiritual connection to the divine so that you can achieve your most meaningful potential in life.

Even without a major planet in Pisces, your horoscope will be affected by the transiting comet because it will pass through one or more of your astrological houses. The symbolism of these houses will represent the specific types of healing you can expect to experience during this time.

Healing yourself requires the courage of the centaur, as well as the Piscean attributes of trust, faith, and surrender. It requires intense focus and deep purification of that which no longer serves you as we move into “The Shift of the Ages”, a momentous era of spiritual evolution that first begins within our own hearts.

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Uranus in Aries: A Wake-up Call; a Revolution; or Both!

Uranus in Aries: A Wake-up Call; a Revolution; or Both!

Friday, March 11, 2011 – March 6, 2019
Uranus was last in Aries from 1927 to 1935

Astrologically, there sure is a lot happening and I know you are all feeling it. Uranus made its final movement into Aries on March 11, 2011 providing us all with an amazing opportunity to embrace change.

Change is exactly what Uranus in Aries is striving for as it travels through the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is the sign that seeks unfettered freedom, independence, and brand new beginnings. Combine these qualities with the rebelliousness of Uranus and anything is possible. Uranus represents the brain and lightning speed realizations, stimulating us like a probe to WAKE UP!  Wake up from what? you might ask.

Uranus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Aquarius, which represents an altruistic attitude towards humanity that will be covered in more detail in the next paragraph. Aquarius also represents the “water bearer” who pours his divine wisdom from the heavens down onto humankind. According to Greek mythology, Gaia – Mother Earth – was without a mate and yet gave birth to Uranus – Father Sky – who then became her husband. (It is written that Gaia herself was born from Chaos, the great void of the emptiness within the universe.) Gaia and Uranus birthed many offspring who Uranus feared because of their great power. To protect her children from her husband, Gaia hid them all within herself and experienced great pain. Therefore, she asked her son Cronus – Saturn – to castrate Uranus, thus severing the union of Earth and Sky.

This portion of the Uranus-Gaia myth is very important because it depicts the separation of god and goddess, or the divine mother-Gaia and father-sky. When we WAKE UP, we recognize this separation represents the trauma (symbolic of Uranus energy) and the distortion that occurs when we are forced to hide essential aspects of ourselves, eventually causing a schism within our psyches. The Mayans and other indigenous peoples are reminding us that the survival of our planet is dependent upon consciously waking up: we must balance the male and female aspects that exist within each of us; we must recognize the spiritual beings – gods and goddesses – within us all, and we must reunite our heavenly and earthly realms, literally and symbolically.

Uranus in Aries is ultimately asking each of us to rebel against anything that does not bring liberation to ourselves and all sentient beings. Our spiritual leaders are insistent that to heal the planet we must each individually make the changes necessary to heal ourselves. In short: it is up to us to cultivate and nurture our spiritual essence — both individually and collectively, Uranus in Aries can prove a powerful catalyst to dismantle the barriers that keep us stuck and unable to move forward. Many of us dislike change and this potent energy is certainly bound to feel uncomfortable at times. For this reason, it can be helpful to remember that Uranus is futuristic in nature and brings with it the light of awareness, thereby expanding our own personal future and the future of our planet.  Embrace this Uranus cycle as an important opportunity to create the change necessary for yourself and the children who will inherit our beautiful planet.

Following is a message by the Hopi Elders that poignantly captures the critical nature of our current Astrological themes:

You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour. Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour! And there are things to be considered: Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your truth. Create your community. Be good to yourself and do not look outside of yourself for a leader. This could be a good time! There is a river flowing very fast. It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid. They will hold on to the shore. They will feel that they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly. Know that the river has its destination. The elders say that we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time we are to take nothing personally, least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth comes to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word “struggle” from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.  We are the ones that we have been waiting for.     ~ The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

Re-posted November 8, 2016

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Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon – 14 degrees and 17 minutes
Saturday, December 6 4:26 a.m. PT
Uranus Squares Pluto – November 26-December 27

Revolutionary Transformation and Liberation

Changing is not just changing the things outside of us. First of all we need the right view that transcends all notions including of being and non-being, creator and creature, mind and spirit. That kind of insight is crucial for transformation and healing. ~Thich Nhat Hanh.

December’s Full Moon occurs in the communicative and versatile sign of duality—Gemini. Gemini is the sign driven to discovery through curiosity. It enjoys gathering and dispersing information and is associated with our thought processes. If it takes in too much information, too quickly, it can experience mental fluctuations and unrest. It is flexible and ever youthful.

The study of Astrology and the planetary cycles offers an amazing opportunity to understand the evolutionary and spiritual purpose of each zodiac sign. This understanding provides a capacity to see beyond the veil and to release judgments, opinions and criticisms of others. When we truly understand that everyone around us is on a unique individual evolutionary journey and we focus on our own individual spiritual journey we become liberated.

A Full Moon always occurs when it opposes the path of the Sun on the zodiac ecliptic and this month’s Full Moon will also opposes Venus and Mercury—the ruling planet of Gemini—all in the fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the Astrological zodiac sign associated with the quest that takes us in search of our individual cosmic truth. Before we can see the truth of who we truly are we must eliminate any limiting Gemini thought patterns and outmoded Sagittarian belief systems.

This Full Moon is also occurring during the sixth of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares that are destined to assist in the continuation of much needed change—individually, as well as collectively. During this time in our history, we are each being asked to awaken, rebel against, and transform anything that does not bring liberation to ourselves and all sentient beings. We are being asked to tear down outmoded structures and allow for a revolutionary transformation.This transformative process requires a hyper-vigilant awareness of our current unchallenged beliefs and thought patterns.

Therefore, this thought provoking Full Moon in Gemini with its emphasis on Sagittarius—truth versus belief—is an excellent time for each of us to contemplate the following:

– What are my individual beliefs at this moment in time?
– What stories and thoughts am I currently creating about my reality?
– Are these beliefs and thoughts reflecting my individual desires and
destiny—my truth?
– If not, what is needed for me to allow a revolutionary transformation in my own life?

Personal transformation can and does have a global effect. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. ~Marianne Williamson

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Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius

Dec. 23, 2014 – Dec. 19, 2017
From June 14 through Sept. 17, 2015 Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio.

Saturn is often referred to as “The Lord of Karma” or “The Great Malefic” and sometimes “The Task Master,” all of which can provoke feelings of pessimism and negativity. Rarely are Saturn’s countless hidden gifts emphasized upon first contemplating this great planet’s Astrological significations.

Saturn is the planet that represents structure, social-political systems and authority, as well as the awareness of time and karma. He is the harbinger of the blatant recognition of a long standing way of life that is no longer serving us. With Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius we will find ourselves investing time to restructure the area of our lives reflected by the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius represents matters involving the ideals in our lives that create personal meaning and the understanding behind them. It is associated with the natural laws of living; education, philosophy, religion and publications; what we give intrinsic meaning to; individuation or expansion of consciousness; exploration and freedom; dogma, self-righteousness and belief systems; optimism and joy; initiations into esoteric wisdom, gurus and teachers. Saturn will bring awareness and a need for dynamic change—individually as well as collectively—to any or all of these Sagittarian qualities.

Saturn in Sagittarius will bring awareness of outmoded belief structures and encourage a commitment to finding the truth. We will find our personal and collective ideals change during this time. Many of these changes will come about in the realm of education, religion and political scandals. There will likely be archeological and space discoveries that will also challenge our past beliefs and simultaneously expand our consciousness.

You will feel inspired to seek experiential awareness, develop or expand your vocational skills and possibly seek a new life path. Additionally, the quest for purposeful and joyful meaning will be highlighted during this period. This is especially true for Sagittarians because Saturn will transit directly over your Sun. If you are between the ages of 28-30 or 56-59 you are experiencing or about to experience your Saturn return, a major maturation and turning point in one’s life.

Mindful awareness is required at the onset of a significant Saturn transit and we are encouraged to use integrity in all our dealings throughout its duration. The Saturnian journey often leads us into solemn periods of reflection where we may find ourselves feeling dejected, disillusioned and thwarted to move into the future we desire. Simultaneously, Saturn can promote new career heights, responsibilities and leadership recognition. If we consciously embrace Saturn’s wise teachings we can emerge with unexpected treasures and a more dynamic and productive life.

Saturnian transits and aspects bring us to a crossroads and provide opportunities to hasten our evolution. They usher in a profound time period, which if embraced, can ultimately bring great wisdom, a deeper meaning to life and awareness of self, maturation, humility and freedom by releasing that which no longer serves us.

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Transformation & the Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Transformation & the Scorpio Solar Eclipse
Oct. 23, 2014, 2:56 p.m. PDT
00 degrees and 24 minutes

This is a partial eclipse and will be visible in North America, Eastern Asia and the Northeastern Pacific Ocean.

If you are finding yourself immersed in an underworld of
internal struggles, or just needing to transform an important
area of your life, this solar eclipse is the time to seek
assistance for making the changes you desire.

Because it occurs in the first degree of Scorpio, this solar eclipse is sure to initiate something new in your life. The first degree of a zodiac sign denotes new beginnings and in Scorpio it becomes super-charged with transformational potency. Therefore, let go of all that has grown stagnant and outmoded in your life and embrace the known and unknown of your future.

This will be a powerful eclipse for all of us, but especially for those who have Scorpio planets in their horoscope. Scorpio is feminine in nature and symbolizes the element of water. Its spiritual essence is symbolized by the divine shakti—energy and power—which is recognized as the many faces of the divine feminine. In the Hindu tradition the divine shakti is known as the divine mother, the universal creator, destroyer of evil and sustainer of all life. Her many faces are acknowledged as Kali, Durga, and the only female companion of Lord Shiva—Parvati. The divine union of Shiva and Parvati is symbolic of the powerful merger of equality between the sacred feminine and masculine.

Powerful psychic energies give birth to new information as the light of the luminaries darken during an eclipse.Once an eclipse is complete you are presented with an opportunity for rebirth.An eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment with the nodal axis of the Moon. Astrologically, the nodal axis points represent destiny, and in the horoscope they are the points that define your own personal destiny.With this New Moon solar eclipse occurring in the sign of Scorpio we are being called to use our natural talents with transformative passion and integrity.

Just as eclipses create a temporary shadow, you too, may find yourself uncovering previously (Scorpionic) buried emotions that need to be acknowledged and honored. During this eclipse it is important to embrace the mysteries of death and rebirth, personal power themes, security, possessions, other people’s money, passion, sexuality and deep internal transformations.

Astrologers have studied eclipses and their effects since the Babylonian Era and have found that they often coincide with earth changes, political upheavals and modern stock market fluctuations. With the advent of external events, eclipses can become powerful indicators of needed change in our personal lives.

The ancient sages felt that eclipses were a time for meditation and learning; a special time to honor the spiritual aspects of your life. Try to keep your schedule light, remain internally focused, eat only pure foods, and do not consume alcohol. The veil between earth and the heavens is thinner during an eclipse, allowing you to more easily connect to the eternal universal wisdom that is your divine essence. The energies of an eclipse can be felt a few days before and after an eclipse.

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Total Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday, Oct. 8 – 3:50 am PT
Fifteen degrees – Twenty-nine minutes of Aries

This total lunar eclipse will be visible to observers before dawn in the Americas and will last 59 minutes.

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.” ~Steve Maraboli

Astrologers have studied eclipses and their effects since the Babylonian Era and have found that they often coincide with earth changes, political upheavals and modern stock market fluctuations. With the advent of external events, eclipses can become powerful indicators of needed change in our personal lives.

As the moon represents cycles, lunar eclipses are a time to look at what is no longer working in our lives, and initiate the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. This will be true for all of us, but especially for those who have Aires or Libra planets in their horoscope because these are the two zodiacal signs in which the lunar eclipses occur. You can expect a lunar eclipse to maintain an influence in your life for as long as it takes for you to resolve the emotional dynamics that it produced.

Mars is the ruling planet of this eclipse in Aries and is creating a grand fire trine with Jupiter and the Moon. Uranus – the planet representing change – along with Venus – Aphrodite’s planet of love – are also closely aligned. These planetary dynamics are creating a favorable time to question your intimate relationship dynamics. Expect this period to reveal inner revelations where change is needed in the area of love. How do you love yourself and how do you love others? And, are you in a state of balance between the two? This eclipse may encourage you to make changes that align with your ability to truly love yourself. As the eclipses create a temporary shadow, you may also find yourself uncovering previously buried emotions that need to be honored so you can express self-love and love towards others in a balanced, healthy and authentic manner.

Eclipses help you to create shifts in your life and encourage you to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. Eclipses work on three levels: personal, collective and ultimately, the integration of both. Where there is inner uncertainty, an eclipse will encourage you to seek clarity. If you are finding yourself immersed in an underworld of internal struggles or just needing to make change in an important area of your life, this lunar eclipse is the time to ask for assistance in making the changes you desire. Pay close attention to the revelations occurring during this eclipse period, as what was previously hidden gives way to the light.

The ancient sages felt that Eclipses were a time for meditation and learning; a special time to honor the spiritual aspects of your life. Try to keep your schedule light, remain internally focused, eat only pure foods, and do not consume alcohol. The veil between earth and the heavens is thinner during an eclipse, allowing you to more easily connect to the eternal universal wisdom that is your divine essence.

The energies of an eclipse can be felt a few days before and after an eclipse. Eclipses always occur in pairs. The second, a partial Solar Eclipse, will occur on October 23, 2014 during the New Moon in Scorpio.


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